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Endless Season Update September 19, 2014
REPORT #1412 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa

Accustomed to waiting in line for hours, on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, many drivers sailed through the busy border crossing within minutes! 

The expanded capacity in the primary inspection lanes means that U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the agency charged with operating the port of entry, now has at its disposal twenty-five (25) rebuilt inspection lanes with total of forty-six (46) booths. And that’s just the beginning: By January 2018, the port is expected to grow to 34 lanes with 63 booths!

The rest of this report will be more about damage control than fishing. As we know more specific information, we’ll be posting it.

Mex One Update

We strongly recommend that you delay any trips south as airports are closed and many roads are flooded and are impassable.

Tropical Storm Polo is right on the heels of Hurricane Odile, and is expected to bring more rains and winds to Baja starting this weekend. As we hear more information about conditions, we’ll keep everyone updated…Discover Baja

Roads throughout Baja California Sur are flooded and impassable. We highly recommend not traveling south of San Quintin at this time. Below are specific updates are we are hearing them:


· Highway 1 at Cataviña (km 193) is flooded and damaged!

· There is no passage through Vizcaino. San Pablo Arroyo has 2 meters of water. And one of the bridges near Palo Verde has collapsed.

· L.A. Bay is inaccessible with the main arroyo flooded.


· The road from Los Barriles to the San Jose del Cabo airport is not passable as the bridge at Caduaño is down.

· In Mulege the first arroyo south of Coyote on the highway has been washed out.

· The road between Loreto and Tripui is open.

· The road to La Paz from Cabo is passable, but it’s down to one lane.

· In Santa Rosalía, the road is open north to Vizcaíno and south to La Paz but it is rough.

· Some bits of the road near Todos Santos are damaged, but not completely, so it can be used with care and order. 

· Las Cuevas Bridge is open; Caduaño Bridge is not. Road is open from La Ribera to Los Barriles.

· Roads between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are clear and safe to travel.

· The road between Loreto and La Paz is open.

Fuel is another issue for anyone considering drivingDiscover Baja

Baja Norte

Coronado Islands





San Quintin



Cedros Island

No Report


Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion


I just got off the land line phone at the police station in Bahía Asunción. Well amigos, once again Asunciónhas proved to be an amazing place to live. Yes, there were strong winds but very little rain so no flooding! Whew...did you all hear that huge sigh of relief?

There is no cell service or internet but land lines seem to work on and off. The cell tower in Sta. Rosalia was knocked down and there is no paso to Vizcaino. The buses from the north stop at Guerrero Negro, because the big arroyo between Guerrero Negro and Vizcaino is full and running as they received lots of rain. I will call again tomorrow to see if the road is open.…Shari Bondy


Santa Rosalia

"We are OKAY, but Hurricane Odile passed over here Sept 15 … all night! We won't have water until 2 weeks more, and some people lost their roofs. The hurricane was one of the most destructive over the last years on Baja." ….Ivan of Santa Rosalia

Three (3) people dead. Two (2) were executives from El Boleo mine who tried to cross a road flooded by a river, another one died of a heart attack…Gringo Gazette


Houses wiped away, no electricity or gas, roads are flooded and covered with mud…Vagabundos del Mar

The roads are horrible. Once in awhile we see a semi- making its way from Loreto to Mulege. Hopefully with food and items needed in town. The road north to Sta. Rosalia is passable but takes at least two hours one way.

The road north of that (so I've heard) is really bad. Gone in some places.

It's looking more like Hurricane Polo will continue outside the Baja and not make a direct hit. Meanwhile, the scraping out of mud continues here in Mulege. The beaches got the water and wind that Mulege got but we didn't get the mud and most of us have solar power and generators, therefore our internet works and we have communication with the outside world. And we Bomberos have radio contact with Mulege Bomberos.

The last time I spoke with the Chief in town he had had two hours of sleep. He is busy directing the cleanup effort. And he knows when this is over he will get to go home and replace his roof that left during the storm. When last I was in town, the Bomberos were trying to get the mud out of the clinic.

All the books from the new library were thrown out on the sidewalk in a soggy mess. It's one step forward for this town and, darn it, several steps back. Still, as we went through town everyone we met smiled and went back to their cleaning. We didn't get a whine or complaint from one of them!

Food is scarce, no running water (except the muddy kind), no power, but DO NOT count them out. Just another big bump in the otherwise bumpy road they have traveled so far. But they are survivors and not afraid of hard work. They are going to be fine. And while they would appreciate all the help they can get they do not sit around and wait for it to come. They are out getting the job done. What a great society!…Mulege Bomberos Sub-Estacion Bahia Concepcion


Hola! My internet is not working but I am (sorry) sapping off a nearby signal. Hopefully Mako Connect can get on that soon (only kidding).

Loreto survived the storm with little damage. I am going to monitor Polo now. I am not sure how often I can check in.

Hurricane Odile kicked our coastline with 100+ mph sustained winds for about three hours. During that time we had gusts approaching (if not at least) 200 mph. I have short video clips of some of these and will post when possible. We were thrashed from 8:30am until well after 6:30pm when the winds had shifted to the west prevailing after Odile had passed us.

No sleep. The first wind and rains were at 01:30 on Monday and 36 hours later my unscientific rain gauge measured at 8 inches. On Monday Sept 15 I was making tortillas in the kitchen when I felt my ears pop as if I had been on an airplane. That was before 09:00 and it was the pressure change (reduction of) from the center of the storm coming at us. The last sat image I was able to see was when the eye was on San Jose del Cabo at about 07:00 that morning. I boxed and covered all my electronic equipment after that.

My roof stayed on and actually we suffered no damages save some broken tree branches, and one downed lime tree that was up righted today. If only my husband had taken my repeated warnings seriously on Sunday, oh well.

Anyway by Saturday, due to the huge size of the storm I knew we were going to be in for some interesting times for the next day or two. Now that I am just hearing about the surrounding damage and "human" behavior I am angered but very worried for my friends and family in Cabo. You know who you are and are welcome to come here.

Small isolated and traditional Loreto; I feel safe in this small town. We all know each other here and can easily identify who the transients and short-term residents are, if they are suspiciously out of place, harmless or to be avoided…La Pamela Reina de Pesca

Power, water and phones are restored. Trees and power lines down. Military cleaning up. Driver made it from La Paz to Loreto Wednesday. Road passable but one lane in places…Vagabundos del Mar

It's hard to fathom why Loreto seems to be the luckiest town south of San Ignacio.

We had sustained east winds for hours that must have gusted to 60-70 mph. The last few hours of the stormy first day saw gusts out of the south that had to be 100 mph.

The storm was constant rain but the total rainfall was minimal. Most of the damage was from wind.
Our newly engineered and rebuilt river bed south of "down town" Loreto washed tons of desert debris . The roadway through the river to our southern part of town( Colonia Zaragosa ) washed away, but that was the design of the beast. (When the water stops flowing a couple of tractors will put it back in service.

Electricity and phone service was knocked out and no internet for 48 hours.

As you can imagine there are trees and wires down. A few transformers got fried along with light poles and storefront signs.

Water found its way around the newly repaired bridge at Nopolo which caused a road closure with minimal damage.

Super lucky in Loreto....we even had a fishing trip yesterday. A couple of fishing nuts wanted to check out floating debris patches for dorado without success. A few more days and the waters will be clearer, so we wait.…Rick Hill /Pinchy Sportfishing

This report for Hidden Port Yacht Club and Sunlover Connie in Puerto Escondido, just south of Loreto.

"We have been without internet, cell and land phone and there was road damage. I was able to drive to Loreto this morning. Power was restored to Tripui and P.E.

Vessel Report:

Yankee Dreamer: Lots of cosmetic damage. The inside is tossed, a little water under the floorboard. Best to haul before next storm predicted from this coming weekend.

Minx: Broke loose. Broke loose from the mooring, the mooring broke and has a lot of damage to the toe rail and bow sprit.
*Klanoki is history. One Alma completely destroyed.
Luna Sea II: De-masted.

There is another boat on the bottom under Luna Sea.
*Sea Toy: Submerged. Needs raised and hauled.
Drei: In the mangroves.
Neka: Both masts down
Equity: no contact info.
Meissen mast down.
Alley Cat: Owner has been contacted Wind blew out window and door.
*Cloud Nine: -Bill--- Has been contacted. Submerged
*Roxo: In Loreto. Submerged. Is history
Merilon: Damaged, still floating
Red Dolphin: no contact info. Broke loose. Is high and dry
Angel: Broke loose on shore.
Elusive: Has been contacted. Submerged.

One of the big power boats: Has been contacted. Big dinghy – submerged

Main Harbor: Galadriel cove:
Cloud Nine: - - Chris and Hans – Galadriel cove –, Bow down in the mangroves
Carlos will pump it out on (Wed) and see where it is leaking.
Libertad: Carlos pumped off at low tide at high tide the water back. Needs hauled.
Rapscallion: Has been contacted. On the shore. Alma.
Manta: Has been contacted. On the rocks main harbor.
Hole in the alma, being taken off the rocks
Spirit: Dinghy came off deck. Tied back on the deck.

There is a possible two more boats that have not been identified or located.

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas





































The Return of the King! Just like a phoenix. We are open officially... Sirena Mini Super, FUBAR Cantina (sea level a la carte), and the infamous second and third floor of Tailhunter's! We have power, free wifi, cold drinks and all our favorite eclectic items on our beach dining menu! Football back tonight (NFL and College) and the sunset showed it's usual fabulous self!!..Jonathan Roldan,

Another fleet of CFE power trucks has arrived this AM in La Paz to service the entire region. La Paz hopes to have as much as 70% restored today.

The Tel Cel office is open in the MEGA shopping center in La Paz for those wishing to recharge their cell phones. Purchasing time at independent markets has proven problematic with credit disappearing due to internet linking problems. Many ATM's are online and more expected by Friday…Baja Insider

Fuel has become less of a commodity Friday as more stations in La Paz open under their own power.

Todos Santos

East Cape

Water across the Buena's Aires Arroyo has stopped flowing. Concrete road is passable with some cracks. Lots of downed trees and trash everywhere. Gas rationing at the local Pemex station…Vagabundos del Mar

Telmex is sort of working and the DSL line is working on and off.

Some boats have resumed fishing from at least three hotels, maybe more…


San Jose del Cabo


































Roads between San Jose and San Lucas are clear and safe to travel…Pepita Nelson

No Fishing Report…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Los Cabos
































The Mexican government started to airlift the more than 30,000 stranded tourists from Cabo to Tijuana, Mazatlan, Guadalajara and Mexico City in government and commercial airplanes free of charge.
The Cabo Airport is not working with the exception of government flights.

David Flores, our editor in Cabo has counted 75 Electric Poles that are down on the ground; he says the real number could be more than double that. There are 200 CFE trucks on their way to Cabo from mainland Mexico and northern Baja.
The Mexican government and different associations are flying in food to La Paz, the government will be distributing the food.
There is only one single OXXO in Cabo that hasn't been looted.
You probably won't hear from your loved ones in Cabo or La Paz until the power grid is restored; this doesn't mean something bad happened to them, there is just no cell or regular telephone service.



Cabo clean up is underway...military is here...water and food is beginning to be distributed and people are working together to make the neighborhoods safer...things are looking up but it will take time...James Glover

The road north from Cabo San Lucas on Hwy. 19 has heavy traffic headed for La Paz where hotels are already filled to capacity…Baja Insider

This just in from :



Nearly 50,000 people moved from Los Cabos to La Paz.

1,000 are people waiting at the La Paz airport to leave, because they drove up there before the Cabo airports opened. Volaris and Interjet are sending planes to Cabo free of charge and there are some commercial flights available now out of Cabo. Also, in the past few days many hundreds of tourist were flown out on the military transports that brought federal soldiers in.

Electricity is restored to 70% north of La Paz and 40% in La Paz. It is estimated it will take around 2 to 3 weeks to restore all power in Los Cabos, but barrio by barrio, the lights are twinkling back on. Almost 3,000 high tension poles are down or damaged. Airport, hospitals and shelters have electricity with power plants.

300 CFE trucks and about 1,000 electricity company workers were brought here in addition to the 1,000 we already have.

The heads of tourism, civil protection and Fonatur are here and they all say they will stay until everything is sorted out.

More than 3,000 soldiers, sailors and federal gendarmerie are here as of yesterday.

Neighbors have built barricades in some street for protection while convoys of armed cops and soldiers are patrolling at night. The looting and roving gangs have been brought under control and a 10 pm curfew is being enforced.

7 people have jailed last night for looting, however, it was thousands of people who are responsible for that behavior.

Cabo Mil is up and running and doing a terrific job of putting out information in both Spanish and English.