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Endless Season Update March 27, 2015,
REPORT #1436"Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Baja Norte

Que Pasa

Reports from San Quintin are mirrored by the following from Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing who drove thru there mid-week:

"The drive went quickly without any problems. There were a few spots where the demonstrators were visible, with one group in the highway in a similar fashion as when people are collecting money for charity causes -- not hostile or ugly and there were lots of security close by."

Coronado Islands

Yellowtail continue to show well three to four miles south and southwest of the Rockpile … this is in the clean blue water; the water from the SKR (South Kelp Reef) down to the ‘pile has rolled over and turned green.

These yellows are up on the surface breezing along. Some spots have terns on them -- some don’t though. Keep your eyes open for a disturbance on the water. It kind of looks like a wind spot … ripples that are moving.

You need to figure out which way they are moving and position your boat out in front of them. Once in the spot, wait for them to get close enough to reach with a surface iron. Then cast to them and SWIM that jig back. That means winding it back so it has a nice side-to-side kick and is NOT spinning.

Yellows are also at the Islands. The front and back sides of South Island have plenty of yellowtail. Best bet for these fish is slow trolling sardines or mackerel.

The weather side of North Island also has some yellowtail. These fish are both deep and shallow so the yoyo iron and surface iron is working, as is slow trolling sardines.


This weekend the Reel Adventure took a break so crewman, Paul Dishno, could take a break from all of the yellowtail he caught last weekend! But the Tin Man from Marina Coral, brought in a 25-pound ‘tail, caught at 90 feet, using6X Salas, combined with Rapalas, trying to get something at the surface. One curious thing, when they filleted the yellowtail, the belly held 7 small rock fish, about 6-inches long! Are they changing their diet for the season? Normally they have live bait, mackerel, anchovies and squid. But since they seem to be spending time on the bottom, they are being forced to go for the bottom fish.

No Limitz, from Ensenada Harbor, reported 4 yellows for the day, casting with Tady Lures and 6x Salas. They said they were fighting the seals all day long. They ended up with several 8- to 15-pound bonito as well. …Coral Marine Store, Edgar Sanchez.

The Hotel Coral Marina Store is holding a “Friends and Family Ensenada Yellowtail Jackpot” on Friday and Saturday, April 17 and 18.

“It’s a fun idea we came up with a few weeks ago,” said Marina store owner, Wes Price. “It’s kind of a ‘whoever shows up tournament for yellows’ event.’ Simple and cheap, over in one day, with a welcome check-in party at Tequila’s bar in downtown Ensenada on Friday night at 7 p.m., fishing the next day from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the 5 to 6 p.m. weigh-in at the Coral fuel dock and a no-host dinner (bring your fish!) at the new marina patio restaurant at 7:30 p.m. And we’ll probably head back to Tequila’s after for more of the partying that Ensenada is famous for, if you have the energy.”

The cost and payoff is simple: $100 cash per team at check-in, with a 100-percent payback at the awards.

“We’ve had great fishing! The border at TJ has hardly any wait; the toll road is repaired, and to celebrate all this, I thought it would be fun to have a casual tourney. Lots of fun and partying but with a little carrot at the end of the stick,” said Price. “If you have a boat here, trailer down or run by water, we’ll be here.”

For more info or to sign in for the
Yellowtail Jackpot contact Edgar Sanchez at :
(714) 729 4548 direct
011 52 646 175 23 24 local shop number
Facebook: coralmarinestore

San Quintin

Fish are biting, roads are open and it's all cool, come fishing, please! …Captain Juan


Baja Sur

Bahia Acension


Monday I went out and stuck this beauty … came in at 50 inches to the fork and 47.8 pounds. He totally kicked my butt on the kayak! I had a couple of fishing related goals upon moving here. One was to catch a 50-pound yellow. After the fight that this one gave me, I want no part of something bigger! These bad boys are on steroids down here. … Ross Zoerhof

La Bocana

Our season gets started early. ...Juanchy Aguilar



2015 Hotel la Mision Classic Yellowtail Tournament

The Hotel la Mision invites you to Loreto, Baja California Sur, first Capital of the California Yellowtail, for this year’s annual April Yellowtail Tournament. It’s open to the public and everyone is welcome. The Fishing Is Good!

The Hotel La Mision will be the base of operations for the tournament. Expert fishermen from around the world attend this event to compete against each other in Loreto’s world-class yellowtail fishery. This year’s Hotel la Mision Classic Yellowtail Tournament promises an exciting competition with a fun and inviting atmosphere.

For more information visit or the Hotel la Mision at

Today the fishing results were heavily influenced by the available bait. Sardina are fantastic for the bottom dwellers and cabrilla but not that reliable for yellowtail. I don't see that as a negative because the past week it has been fair catches of mackerel and many limits on the yellowtail. Yesterday, one of our boats got only one yellowtail for seven mackerel. The clients were not the seasoned-vet-types yet they got bit on the first drop with the new mackerel. You really have to be constantly in touch with your baits … just like your mother always taught you! Our captain started the day with some insurance in the form of sardina and when the mackerel ran out, boom! Cabrilla averaging 8-pounds filled in the gap.

Fishing is hot and the weather is heating up, too. Down south out of Puerto Escondido the story has been the same. Great fishing out at Punta Perico and the spots close by. Limits of yellowtail, most averaging 25 pounds, have been the norm for most days. One boat landed a 147-pound grouper and we know the exact weight because the "sportsman" kept it!

That's a once in a lifetime fish but with these big sea bass, just take some half-out-of-the-water shots and let them go … PLEASE !

The big ones are the breeding stock and besides, did you ever try to fillet one this big? The meat is white but a little tough and when you try to slice through the skin and meat you will wish you had an axe!

With the tournament approaching it might be a bit harder to let a monster like that go. It would have gotten some first place money in the "other fish" category!

The whale population seems to be moving on to greener waters and along with them the whale watchers too, are thinning out.

The launch ramp at the Marina is close to being completed. One newly re-concreted lane is open and the second ... well, another two weeks. They really like to let the new concrete cure as long as possible.


Photo is our boatyard master, "Gali", holding up two typical yellows from this week. These fish were caught at Matate on Coronado's west side.

Our daily boats have been working the areas around Coronado Island with good success for both good-sized yellowtail and lately, cabrilla. The most yellows we are seeing are 18- to 22-pounds with one out of six being in the 26- to 30-pound range.

Lagrimas have still been working for fair numbers of bait catching but it continues to be hit or miss and very spotty.

Piedra Blanca on the south side of Coronado has produced a few fish per boat on most days. Going clockwise from there the next spot at Coronado is at 9 o'clock, aka " Matate" and the smaller yellows and cabrilla have been landed out there.

At the 12 o'clock position and a few miles out is Candeleros and both mackerel for bait and yellowtail are being caught there. We moved to Candeleros one morning while seeking bait. When we got there it had shut off for most boats. I was frustrated by seeing two guys on one boat pull up seven mackerel, drop them in the bait well and leave. We had fished an hour and had only two macks to show. … Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

The city maintenance crew started replacing the missing palapa at the beach adjacent to the Marina and just in time for the Easter holiday… Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas



Whooo-weee! This is why they call us the "Roosterfish Capital of the World! Lookie what Jeff Brown and our Captain Boli got today at the island. Jeff says 60 pounds. I say bigger. Boli doesn't often struggle lifting a fish!

We had a mixed bag this past week. The bad days were so-so, but the GOOD days produced some really solid rocking fishing. Both our La Paz AND Las Arenas fleet got into some quality fish…maybe not quantity…but the quality of some of the fish really made it. With air temps into the high 80’s and low 90’s, conditions were mostly good. Co-incidentally, the days when the wind blew are the days when fishing took a powder!

So, the better the weather…the better the fishing. And, like I said, the good fishing was pretty darned good!

For our Las Arenas fleet, inshore the mix produced some pargo, cabrilla, bonito and sierra. But, the big news were the roosters that started to show up with some fish going 30-40 pounds (almost all fish released). But, we also had a good showing at Cerralvo Island of some of the fatter yellowtail as well.

For our La Paz fleet, that’s where the bigger bad boys started to bend some rods finally. There were some slow days, but the good days produced some slug yellowtail; larger grades of cabrilla and big-time pargo mulatto; plus around Espirito Santo Island, the kind of 30-70 pound rooster fish the La Paz area is known for. There were even some marlin hook-ups. Live bait was the ticket, but on the yellowtail for those guys who know how to fish the iron, it was a bonus…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

East Cape

Some boats are limiting out on dorado in the 10- to 15-pound range in the same areas as the billfish. Best attractors are lures and trolled ballyhoo.

The billfish are no more than four miles off the hotel! The La Ribera drop-off is where all the billfish and dorado have been biting. Our Rancho boats are seeing three striper marlin releases per boat per day with the bite slowing just a little over the past two days.

Yes! The gallo began feeding right off the Rancho Leonero beach with fly-fishers releasing 10- to 25-pounders. Exciting? You bet! 

Skipjack still hanging around, but most boats are beginning to target roosters. 

This week, Captain Alonso brought up three really nice amberjack in the 60-pound class; all baited on caballito. There are also lots of good-sized sierra mixed with huge schools of huachinango (small snapper). Sierra are biting at first light...Rancho Leonero

San Jose del Cabo

It truly has been an unusual new season, changing rapidly, going from wide open yellowfin tuna action, then a complete dead drop off, then the yellowtail broke loose on the Gordo Banks, then this fell off and the action once again was on the San Luis Bank for yellowfin tuna and this week surprisingly good action for wahoo, who would figure that during the month of March we would be seeing more wahoo than sierra, which is the species of mackerel that we regularly find during this time. This year we have seen mixed up migrations for various bait and gamefish species, much better action for yellowfin tuna that we normally find during February and March, now with wahoo being another bonus catch. The yellowfin tuna are striking on sardina near San Luis, ranging in size from 20 to 35 lb. Also a few dorado in the mix, we did see one bull of over 30 lb. brought in, that was an exception though, the majority of the dorado were smaller in size.

Inshore there has not been any consistent bite, not many sierra, considering this is now peak season for them, only small schools of roosterfish being found, most of these smaller sized, found along the stretch just south of Punta Gorda and towards the marina jetties…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Cabo San Lucas



































Please meet our new yellowfin kings and queens: Jason, Stephanie, Christland Faith from Oro Valley, Arizona. On their fishing trip aboard 31-foot Tracy Ann they caught 5-yellowfin tunas! The fish were biting at about 40 miles from the 230 spot. Pisces Sportfishing

It was another very slow fishing week from Cabo San Lucas.

Air temps ranged from 64 nights to 87 daytime highs and a 50% average humidity rate. Mostly bright, sunny days with a couple of passing clouds on Thursday but otherwise, hats, light, long sleeve shirts and lots of sun lotion required.

Varied temperatures throughout the area ranging from 73- to 78-degrees. Golden Gate Bank to Jaime Bank and extending out across the 1000 Fathom Curve, all at 73- to 74-degrees. Temp break at Chileno rising to 75-to 76-degrees all the way to Los Frailes and into the Sea of Cortez.

Warmest water temps are southwest of Cabo Falso, just beyond the 1000 Fathom Curve, rising to 77- to 78-degrees. Surface breezes ranged from calm to about 13 mph, all from the westerly directions. …Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.