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Endless Season Update April 22, 2014
REPORT #1392 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Baja Norte sputters to life while Baja Sur is full of surprises

Que Pasa

Everyone seems to have an opinion about an El Nino this year. Some say, "Lookout, here it comes!" while others say, "No way!"

The SST from Terrafin above confirms that the Sea of Cortez remained hot throughout the winter, while Chris Dunn's report below seems to confirm that hot water does not equal an El Nino.

As for me? I think I'll stick with Oscar Wilde's quote, "Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

Let's stop debating and just go fishing!

Baja Norte Coronado Islands

The yellowtail are still mainly being found on the South Kelp Ridge and are almost all sonar fish which means they are being caught on the Yoyo Iron. The bite isn’t very good right now but there are fish being caught every day.

There are little spots of yellows being found on the scanning sonar along the weather side of North Island and out on the Middle Grounds but they are not biting very well either.

The first barracuda in a long time was caught on the Malihini and South Kelp on Sunday. It was a surprise catch though and there was no other sign of them. However, it is now time for them to show up so they could invade the Islands at anytime..…


For this weekend we have a few fish reports from our friends on ''Papa Loco'' and ''Blackjack.'' They stopped by the shop to give us this report: ''Papa Loco” was on the north side of the Island; they got limits on red snappers and ling cod fishing at 450 feet, with 60-degree water temp, using Iron 6X Salas. Later that day, they saw some birds eating, so they buzzed over to that spot to find some yellowtail biting. They fought two and lost one, but they managed to get one on board using a Tady 45 Scrambled Egg; and from “Blackjack,” they were on the Island and also caught 2 yellow tail, one trolling and one on iron, weighing between 16 and 18 pounds. The weather for the weekend was cloudy but with good conditions for fishing. Here's what they are hoping to catch next time...with Kyle Nelson at Hotel Coral & Marina.

San Quintin

A family fish: Tanner hooked, Dad spanked it, Mom cheered us on and Juan gaffed it!

Weather made things a bit sketchy but the ling fishing is still phenomenal.

Bay of Los Angeles

No report

Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion

At Conception for Semana Santa! …Shari Bondy

La Bocana

Estero beckons .…Juanchy Aguilar

Santa Rosalia

Just returned from the continued YT bite where we fished tortuga for 3 days for limits of cookie cutters and some stand outs.


The rock formations are so beautiful at dawn …Shari Bondy


LaPamela ‏@LaPamela1 Apr 20

20APR #yellowtail starting to show at San Bruno; North Carmen shoreline still slow but will bust loose any day soon. Weather is good at #Loreto.

April 25 and 26th. April 25 and 26th.

Magdalena Bay

No Report

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas

Pargo were a good bet this week, but putting these tough good-eaters in the boat required some luck and skill as some of our anglers will tell you as they head straight back into the rockpiles! Tim Butterworth hung this fat hog north of La Paz on live bait!

Todos Santos

East Cape

Marlin– Stripers rule! One boat got 5 fish for the day; another hooked 6 and boated 3.

Marlin have been the main event again this week with most boats scoring more than one per day. A few dorado and wahoo are being taken but it is anybody's guess where they will pop up and they are very hard to target.

San Jose del Cabo

Billfish Action Rebounds Strong off of San Jose del Cabo.

Los Cabos

How cool was this for 10-year-old Ryan Magers and his 12-year-old brother Nathan, from Laguna Beach, Calif., who were visiting Cabo with their parents for Easter break. They went out on Adriana and managed to release 3 striped marlin and boated a dorado for dinner, too. Great memories to last a lifetime…Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

Many boats have been trying to find fish on the Pacific side as the water has been a bit cooler there. Keeping their eyes open for swordfish and tuna, these guys have had little luck. A few nice pods of striped marlin are being found once in a while, but for some reason the tuna have been difficult to get. A few scattered dorado round out the offshore fare this past week -- no numbers but the sizes have been decent at 15 to 20 pounds.

Wind laid down here. Going to go up towards East Cape. My last group wanted to play more than fish. Managed a few dorado and around 65 pound wahoo off grey rock. The water looks good Gordo and above. Work the seamount since wind is down…Captain Jon Ingram

Inshore there have been some nice yellowtail between 15 and 30 pounds found on the points and rock piles on the Pacific side, with fish just a few pounds smaller on average found in the same areas on the Sea of Cortez. Sierra continue to be the main fish found just off the beach and Chartreuse Swimming Plugs have had the c**p beat out of them by these toothy fish. Scattered schools of small pompano keep you guessing when you get a hit. There have been decent numbers of roosterfish found off the sandy areas but none of them have been very large. The biggest I had reported to me was approximately 20 pounds, but knowing that angler it was more likely 15 pounds!..George Landrum

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