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Endless Season Update April 15, 2014
REPORT #1391 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa

Toll Road repair on schedule for Fall completion according to local officials.


Baja Norte

Coronado Islands

The yellowtail have been biting fairly good for several days in a row now. Other than that there is no change whatsoever. Best water is still below the Islands where the bird schools and yellowtail are hanging out. There is about a four-square-mile block of water to work with. The water to the north is cold and dirty, almost a red tide color and the water to the south turns dirty again.
It is a mix of Surface Iron and Yoyo Iron fish. Mint/White is HOT! If you see them up on top use the Surface Plug. If they are not, use the Yoyo Iron. Not many are biting on the mackerel right now. A lot of the yellows are now in the 15- to 18-pound class but there are still some 22- to 35-pound fish showing, too.
If the yellows fail to show you can fall back on the rockfish and lingcod. Both are biting good at the Rockpile and at the 27 Fathom Spot.…


Yellows still biting the surface iron.

San Quintin

No Report

Bay of Los Angeles

No Report


Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion

It has been a wonderful week in San Roque, walking the beach, paddling in the kayak, swimming on the hot days, relaxing in the hammock. You know...enjoying paradise! Juan started abalone fishing from there so we are staying at our cabin. Ahhhhh … the good life!…Shari Bondy

La Bocana

Windy…Juanchy Aguilar


No Report



April 25 and 26th.



It was a late bite for bait off Coronado Island. Grunion and mackerel were biting off the SE and NW sides of the Islands but it took us until about 9:00 a.m. before we set off.


It was a slow day for fishing. We fished Carmen Island from Loto (arroyo at La Cholla) to Punta Lobos. Yellowtail hit our mackerel off Arroyo Blanco but we lost them. The yellowtail need to be fed a lot of line and they let go if they feel any pressure against them. We got our one yellowtail at Punta Lobos, where we saw one other caught. Most boats got one or got skunked; some boats got two or three (according to the VHF). The yellowtail didn't hit the grunions today, they wanted the mackerel.


There are a lot of yellowtail at Carmen Island but they're extra picky and they may be going into their spawn. Earlier in the week, the bite at Carmen was better than it was today and yesterday. San Bruno had yellowtail and cabrilla reported today and it was also a late bite there starting after noon. Yellowtail and pargo were also reported caught at El Pulpito today.


The sardina are numerous between La Cholla and Tintorerra. Yellowtail are occasionally hitting these schools off Loto but they aren't showing feeding frenzies yet. We're starting to see some sardinas in the marina again.

Magdalena Bay

No Report
La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas

There aren't a lot of YT's in the counts but the ones we have been catching have been quality fish weighing in the high 30 pounds.

Todos Santos

East Cape

Striped marlin have been the most consistent with just a few dorado and wahoo in the mix.



It was all about the marlin this week.

Came down to East Cape to work on our Whaler and hopefully get in a little fishing.
East Cape is the best fishing in the world!…Glen

San Jose del Cabo

Billfish Action Rebounds Strong off of San Jose del Cabo.

Los Cabos

The weather's getting nicer, and the fishing's getting better!

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