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Endless Season Update August 29, 2014
REPORT #1409 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa

Hurricane Maria last week seemed to be safely headed out to the mid Pacific … no fault, no foul. However, the south swell that it left in its wake bludgeoned Baja and the California coast with record-breaking surf, one that has world-class surfers clamoring to outdo each another.

Meanwhile, judging from this week's reports, Baja's sportfishing fleet got clobbered leaving most singing their own rendition of "Ave Maria!"

Baja Norte

Coronado Islands

No report.



This week was Good Fishing for Victor Davalos with his wife, Laura Patricia, and his compadre, Jose Sanchez, fishing on Vonny-I with Captain Beto while landing plenty of bottom fish. Their trip produced 2 yellows – 25-pounds each, and yes, a yellowfin weighing 24 pounds. Wow!!! More surprises! Vonny's Fleet

San Quintin



Had a great second day with Captain Juan on Sunday. Made bait pretty easily. Seas were pretty rough but we powered through and picked up 8 YT some over 30 pounds as well as some bonito. Most were caught trolling rapalas, and a few free spooling live baits.

Cedros Island


WHITE SEABASS TIME!! For the last two weeks our groups have been regularly catching WSB with an average weight of 50 pounds..... the fish of a lifetime!

Yellowtail biting “blue on white jigs” trolling where eel grass and kelp allow, or mackerel is best for live bait, the bigger the better.

For calicos, definitely Punta Norte has been the spot. Some anglers get the lure in small openings in the thick kelp and get fish, usually with lots of followers, sometimes bigger. Practically any lure and colors work great, calicos are hungry and aggressive.

Some in our groups ventured offshore to the East looking for kelp patties and bringing in some dorado, small size, but in the end dorado are here.…Jose Angel Sanchez-Pacheco 

Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion

Hurricane Marie has halted all fishing for the week as the boats are all high and dry parked all over town as the huge swell came right up to the main street. Luckily there was no rain associated with the storm or there would have been major flooding. As it was, some beach sand was washed away and rocks were exposed, and the town beach sand is now black!

Governors Cup Fishing Tournament here in Asuncion is next week.…Shari Bondy


25AUG Strong North wind over the SOC bringing very warm air through #Loreto it's over 100F, 37C humidity low. Wind feels like a blow dryer…Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company

Where did everybody go?

The fish and the fishermen have seemed to be a little bit thin for the past few weeks.

A few boats have been working over the "Candeleros" high spot and nearby areas every day. It has been a good producer for bottom fish and making bait can happen for the early birds. When the bottom action cools off, it is a good spot to start surface trolling in the hopes that a dorado or two will be in the area.

Hey, we are multi tasking, too! On the way to "Candeleros" you will be traveling through the narrows between Coronado and the lighthouse at "el Bajo". This "funnel" area can be red hot for some species. Last time I cruised the "funnel" we spotted a pair of hammerheads and a fin whale.

To make things more attractive, if all else has come up short, break out the frozen squid and head for "Matate" at the mouth of Coronado's bay. You can have a super day with the kids at "Matate". Hook on some squid chunks and fill up your limit on triggerfish. Thirty feet of water about 75 yards off the beach and you can finish out the day with everybody smiling.

Now that has been our fall-back plan for the days when the dorado are at undisclosed locations.

The other strategy this past week was trolling live baits for roosterfish.

It's that time of year when the roosters are foraging the beaches and bays and some fish in the 40-plus class have been landed.

The Balandra Bay on Carmen has been hot! Live mackerel with a trap hook is the favorite rig for these jacks.

Not counting the past two windy days, we have also caught roosters along the south coast above and below Aqua Verde. Slow troll the live baits along the sand and rock junctions.

Watch out for the rocky spots! We lost rigs on every trip to the pargo that hang on the rocky sides … and, we have yet to land a pargo while rooster hunting.

Sierra should be getting thick this time but I have no info on that scene. It might not be happening this year with the "el Nino" happening…Rick Hill /Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas





































Lief Dover makes several trips a year from Atlanta, Georgia to fish in La Paz with Tailhunter. He got some of the larger dorado of this past week.



Geri Sandstrom loves to fish and visits La Paz from Idaho. She usually has a big smile all the time, but not this time unfortunately because she has a big bull dorado she caught near Cerralvo Island.

It was a strange and not very good week on a lot of levels here. It was hard to put a finger on it.

Early in the week, it seemed we had threats of rainstorms just about every day. Some days it would actually rain pretty hard for awhile. Other days, we got nothing but clouds. But, it surely kept us on alert and trying to figure if it would be better for our fishing clients to fish out’ve La Paz or Las Arenas.

Mostly, just to be on the safe side, we kept folks fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet. Dorado were more-or-less ready, willing and able and everyone was hooking fish. Not a lot of big ones, but fun-sized 10- to 20- pounders with occasional 25- to 30-pounders plus some billfish.

When we did fish Las Arenas, there were rooster fish and enough 10-pound dorado to at least keep it interesting.

Later in the week, it seemed that the weather pretty much cleared up. We were excited after watching clouds for so many days! 

The conditions looked awesome. Sunny skies…dark moon…blue water…decent bait (at least more than we had before)…good currents…warm water…but WAIT! 


I don’t know what happened, but the latter part of the week it was almost like a dead ocean. Not only did the dorado go lock-jaw on us, but so did the bonito and even the needlefish got scarce! 

Many of our ace captains who NEVER get shut out were coming back with nothing or only 1 or 2 fish. Maybe one day that can happen, but 2, 3, 4 days in a row? 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many days go dead on us. At least not that many consecutive days. 

Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, things will have turned on again! Any day now!...…Jonathan Roldan,

Todos Santos

East Cape

Nice 62 pound amberjack…Martin Verdugo's


Big pargo are lurking in the tree stumps and reefs. It’s tough to get them out, but fun trying. Dropping down a big live bait is working is best. Then it's just a tug-o-war! ...Hotel Rancho Leonero



A fly guys dream! It was an insane sailfish bite Thursday…JenWren Sportfishing

Well, to say the least… the fishing has been very tough recently. Over the weekend we had some rain and wind move in from hurricane Maria, which was offshore from us. While our general area was not affected directly by the hurricane, it did cause some unfavorable conditions which has made fishing hard. In addition to the wind and rain, there’s also been a lack of sardina recently. For the boats that did get some sardine, there were some bonito, small tuna and dorado around…Jeff DeBrown, The Reel Baja


San Jose del Cabo




































Miguel Angel Castro poses with 335-pound yellowfin tuna; photo by Eric Brictson…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Los Cabos


































Port has been closed for two days … yesterday and today … skies are clear but there are still some big waves. The last day the boats fished was Sunday; despite lots of rain and choppy seas they did extraordinarily well and loaded up on dorado, blue marlin, striped marlin and wahoo- such as this one shown below. This group of anglers from Midland, Texas, Jacob, Cody, Heath, Jason and Tony, released a blue marlin, a striped marlin, caught 8 dorado and this 45-pound wahoo aboard C Rod…Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Sportfishing.

Cabo Climate: Lots of rain for the early part of the week and then much better for Thursday thru Saturday. Back to rainy and wet days from Sunday thru Friday (Aug. 31 thru Sept. 5) all predicted at an 80% chance off more rain. Temps ranged from 79 nights to 95 daytime highs and an 89% humidity level.

Sea Conditions: Big swell from Hurricane Marie as she passes Cabo far offshore to the West. Four Port closures were necessary for the safety of the passengers and vessels. Surface breezes flowing mostly from the southerly directions from calm to 9 mph. Pacific side of Cabo and stretching down the coast and around the tip to San Jose and the Gorda Banks; all at the 85- to 86-degree temp ranges. About 7 to 8 miles above the Gorda Banks the temps increased to 88-89 degrees…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.