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Endless Season Update January 13, 2017
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Que Pasa

The uprising against rising fuel prices (the gasolinazo) continues with no end in sight. Latest crisis in Mexico is the people’s ongoing fight— a social disaster at the fuel pumps and the latest spark igniting the people’s outrage, with predictions of more increases coming in February. Odds are, shortages and protests are likely to continue.

UPDATE: 7:00 a.m. PST Friday, Jan 13, 2017…

Baja Gasoline – Diesel Availability/Highway Blockades:

UPDATE: 10:00AM PST Friday Jan 13, 2017
Baja Gasoline – Diesel Availability / Highway Blockades:

Different border crossings into Baja California, Mexico as well as toll booths along the scenic highway and a few sporadic highway locations in the San Quintin Valley area continue to be an almost daily target of protesters, displacing the SAT agents and allowing free passage through the tolls. The highway filters that have appeared at times, mostly in the Camalu area have allowed non-commercial vehicles through and are allowing the buses and trucks through once an hour.

At times, CBP has chosen to close access to the Chaparral border entry into Mexico in response and may block access on the southbound I-5 and 805, diverting traffic to Otay Mesa via the 905. In those cases expect for delays to enter Mexico due to the longer lines of vehicles waiting to enter.

Overall the situation with transpeninsular road access has been very good now with the exception of the aforementioned on again-off again road block/filter on the north side of Camalu where they continue to allow non-commercial vehicles through. Just show a little patience and you shouldn’t have any problems – they will appreciate you showing support with a thumbs up as you go through. There are no other confirmed reports of any other problems this morning and you should be able to drive up/down the peninsula without any other significant delays right now.

Fuel is currently available in most areas of the peninsula and the NE regions of the peninsula in the Mexicali-San Felipe areas are now getting back to normal supplies.

It is wise to avoid any areas of conflict as things could quickly escalate, as we saw several days ago in Rosarito at the Pemex terminal entrance. Continuing protests and marches are planned for the major cities of the peninsula and best to just avoid them completely. They are protesting against the Mexican government and their anger is not with expats or tourists. There are some reports of expats and tourists actually participating in the marches but that is unwise based on both safety and legal issues. It is illegal for foreigners to be involved in active political protests and could be subject to deportation…Ron Gomez Hoff, Talk Baja (Face Book)

Baja Norte

Small craft warnings more days than not, with plenty of rain in the mix as well; this hindered anglers at Coronado Islands for the most part of the week.
At Ensenada it was more of the same; however, Chilly Willy aboard the Reel Adventure slammed a quality yellowtail on one of the calm days.

Meanwhile at Punta Colonet, the action was mixed for the Dominator out of Point Loma Sportfishing. On a day-and-a-half-trip to Punta Colonet, fellow BD writer Joe Sarmiento shares some insider stuff in “Colonet Yellowtail Strategy.”

The Catian gang from San Quintin decided to let the weather do its thing while they took a ride up to San Pedro Martir to see the weather do another kind of thing.

Down at La Bocana, Julio Meza fished with his friend Larry Dahlberg and found slow fishing; however, there were no complaints on the quality.

There was scant news from the upper Sea of Cortez fishing as the north winds prevail. There was some talk of small yellows and white seabass biting when the winds backed off at Bahia de Los Angeles.

Baja Sur

I can’t fill you in on what is going on with the gas situation up and down Baja, but here in Loreto we have gas!

The stations have been open the entire time and selling whatever is requested.
The fishing scene continues to be a good pick at yellowtail and other bottom dwellers.
Yellowtail are being caught at most of the usual spots on live bait; if that gets too slow, the bite on assorted bottom fish is a sure deal with cut bait and using circle hooks.
Sierra and a few roosters are participating at the surface and near shore.
Live bait for the roosters and the sierra hit anything shiny that also wiggles.
Mackerel have been caught, around and after sunrise, just off the south side of Coronado Island.

The next few days will be a full moon and we shall see what happens with the mackerel. (Many times the bait sellers won’t even try to catch bait when the moon is full !)
Captain Tony Davies did an island tour on “cruise ship day” and spotted four humpback whales all within a few miles of Coronado Island.
All signs are still pointing to a great winter yellowtail season…Rick Hill

In Magdalena BayJonathan Roldan confirmed that the grey whales have started showing up in Bahia Magdalena at Lopez Mateos! Let Tailhunter set up a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a great day trip or overnight trip to the calm inner waters of the bay to spend a day or two with these amazing animals! Write him directly at

No surprises in La Paz . . . not much to tell this week. The town and visitors were still in “holiday hangover” from Christmas and New Years. Normally, this time of year, the folks who come fishing are walk-in clients off the street. Instead of being anglers who book months in advance who come for a “fishing trip,” these are visitors to town or snowbirds who’d just like a day of fishing.

At East Cape locals are buzzing about a tuna and billfish bite out in front of La Ribera when the winds back off.

Our friend Gonzalo Castillo caught this critter while fishing on the Gordo Bank. He sent the photo to me asking what it is?

So gang, help me answer him?

What is it?

The North Winds were light throughout the week at San José Del Cabo, though there were strong currents running and pushing in cooler water temperatures, as currents are now in the 70- to 74-degree range. Lots of mackerel also being found on the normal bait grounds, mixed with sardineta. Slabs of squid and caballito are also available.

Recently sporadic action has been the norm for a variety of fish, many of them smaller-sized structure species, being found in the same area where anglers are still targeting yellowfin tuna; most consistent places have been off of Punta Gorda to the Iman Bank. Most of the yellowfin tuna landed were in the 15 to 30-pound range.

Dorado were a bit more numerous this past week, though the majority of them were smaller-sized female fish that in reality should be released to help this species have a chance at rebounding.

Best bottom action now is red snapper (huachinango), with Punta Gorda being the most productive spot for this action. Snapper up to ten-pounds were striking on various baits. Only a few leopard grouper, yellow snapper or other pargo species were in the mix. Of course there have been decent numbers of triggerfish…Eric Brictson Gordo Banks Pangas

What a special birthday for angler Aaron Roberts, who turned 45 on what without a doubt is his most memorable fishing day. Rick RobertsShelly Grandmont also from Alberta, Canada were also aboard the Pisces.

Cabo San Lucas An incredible shut off for the fishing from Cabo San Lucas and for no real apparent reason other than perhaps a bit of a water cooling trend this past week that wrapped around Cabo from the Pacific side to Los Frailes. We had reports of a great number of 250-pound yellowfin tuna feeding at the Cabo Falso drop off but not a single bite using live bait and casting right in the middle of the frenzy.

Cabo Climate: It was a mostly sunny and clear week with a few days of passing clouds. Daytime air temps averaged 77.6 degrees; nights were cooler and averaged 59.4. Humidity ratio averaged 56.4% for the week.

Sea Conditions: Water temps were cooler from the Golden Gate Bank and around to Las Frailes, all at about 74 degrees. Gorda Banks to Los Frailes at 72 degrees. Outside the Jaime Bank to the southwest the temps reflected 75 degrees. Surface breezes were flowing mostly from the westerly directions and averaged about 9 mph with Saturday blowing about 14 mph. Some afternoon wind chop for Saturday but otherwise, good sea conditions in all out-bound directions.

Best Fishing Area: There was no specific area reported for the better fishing, albeit, lots of really big tuna were seen in the area off the Cabo Falso Drop Off area.

Best Bait/Lure: Nothing was working particularly well and a lot of different systems were being tried without success.

Bait Supply: Good supply of caballito at the $3.00 per bait rate. Mackerel still available on the bank drop-offs. …Cortez Charters Larry Edwards