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Endless Season Update April 21, 2017
REPORT Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Baja roosters crowing...

Que Pasa

“Espiritu Santo Island is probably the most important resource for the City of La Paz” – by Luke Inman of Cortez Expeditions.

Baja Norte

Coronado Islands . . . The water is beginning to clear up and yellowtail are beginning to show. Very few people are fishing the Islands though. We had one contact who scored a nice yellow on trolled X-Rap along the weather side of the Island…

Tijuana Bull Ring no report…


Ensenada . . . Gamefisher found yellowtail at the Banda Bank this week along with nice reds and salmon grouper.

Yellowtail made their appearance on the bay plus a variety of bottom fish were taken on the regular fishing spots close to shore.

Offshore, on the 1010 Bank, bluefin tuna are being seen and a number have been landed already. There are also some reports of albacore being seen on the Hidden Bank; however, none have been caught thus far. On the positive side, there is also the report that live bait is now available for purchase…Coral Marine Store

San Quintin


Only a few boats have been out recently either because of lack of clients or because of weather. When they do make it out the yellows are biting…Kelly Catian

Cedros Island

People of Cedros Island: If you know the person or persons who are stealing the plants (endemic species) of the island, and you can take pictures, please send the reports immediately to 646-136-6734. This is the number of Profepa. The inspectors, you know, are after them and any assistance will be helpful. The people who are stealing the plants are destroying the island and its unique species and that affects us all…Jose Angel

The Upper Sea of Cortez 

Bahia de Los Angeles . . . No report.

At Gonzaga Saturday afternoon we rented a kayak and fished the island right in front; my brother-in-law got into his first fish ever . . . a decent fighting trigger on a clam I found earlier. ...Joe

Baja Sur


On vacation. …Shari Bondy

La Bocana No report.

Abreojos No report.


Loreto . . . The popular yellowtail tournament that is held every year is currently underway and we will have a full report next week. With reports of larger yellowtail beginning to stalk the high spots it could be a barn-burner!
For the past few weeks the catches have been fluctuating -- up and down --with most of the yellows running around 20 pounds.

A chunky cabrilla hopped on a live mackerel south of Carmen Island. This same spot also kicked out last year's biggest dorado, a forty-pound class rooster and another big cabrilla. I am still hoping we can pull a big pargo out of this spot, but the rocks are probably not going to cooperate with that wish.

On the south side of Carmen Island, one rock pile known as "6 Mile" coughed up a few big yellows over thirty pounds.

Cabrilla are still being caught in the shallow water with hard bait. That action isn't a sure deal . . . yet. As the water gets warmer and the days get longer, the cabrilla and yellows will be more active following their natural urges and thrashing up the shoreline.

Lots of sargasso in the current lines and on the beaches. Water temperatures are in the low 70s with still some thick green patches of water.

Live mackerel are still the bait to have for bottom fishing. Slow trolling a mackerel in the same zone we have been working the hard bait which can also nail a few fish. Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

I think you could say we had a good day! …Cast N Reel

Magdalena Bay

Puerto López Mateos, Report pending.

Puerto San Carlos,
Ladies day in the Estero. …Enrique Soto

In La Paz Maybe bigger dorado this year? Sargasso is building up north of La Paz and these dorado yesterday by Gavin Chun…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

First day of Baja season 2017. Capitano Efren releases Randy Norris' catch of the day. Wind was up but Randy got it done again. …Gary Bulla

Down at East Cape,

Rancho Leonero entertains while fishing regroups. …John Ireland

Congratulations for your first roosta’ from the beach! Ron Moreno fishing with Felipe Valdez, General Manager of Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort.

Eric BrictsonGordo Banks Pangas, checked in from San Jose del Cabo 

Easter week is now past, businesses are back in operation after extended weekend break, though local schools still have this week off, will be returning Monday for classes. Spring break rush of tourists has tapered off and crowds are moderate now. Weather is ideal, clear sunny skies, high temperatures of about 85 degrees and winds have been light. Ocean water temperatures are ranging 72 to 75 degrees, areas of blotchy greenish water closer to shore, though north of Punta Gorda to Vinorama the clarity has been much improved.

The highlight this week was the yellowfin tuna action, fish in the 20 to 30 lb. class started to bite near Vinorama, about one mile offshore. Angers were using live sardina, which in recent days were found schooling near the Puerto Los Cabos Marina jetties. Drift fishing and slow trolling baits worked, average catches ranged from 2 to 6 per tuna boat, good action considering this is early in the season for yellowfin.

The snapper action continued on the Gordo Banks and on other high spots, the key was obtaining red crabs for bait, also the drift was very swift at times, which made this style of fishing tougher. Still a great option to have, as these snapper are ranging from 4 to 12-pounds and are excellent eating.

Recently more boats were trying for the tuna action. Other rock piles such as Palmilla Point, Iman Bank. La Fortuna and San Luis Bank produced various numbers of amberjack, bonito, pargo and cabrilla, anglers working hard with yo-yo jigs were rewarded with an occasional amberjack up to 30-pounds but overall the numbers were limited.

The way the weather patterns are now, continuing warming trend, anything can happen on any given day, this week it was the yellowfin tuna, next week possibly striped marlin, wahoo or larger amberjack could appear. Things can change fast as we progress towards summer.

Heard of a couple of snook taken by shore anglers, also a few roosterfish taken by slow trolling baits near shore, one in the 25 lb. range. With more baitfish appearing along the beach stretches we should start to see increased activity.

Cabo San Lucas

Captain Cesar Cota of the 24-foot panga Pichurro with a 35-pound yellowtail landed at San Cristobal. …Pisces Sportfishing

The billfish catches remain slow throughout the Cabo region and seem to coincide with the cooler water temperatures along with the changing currents that tend to wrap the end of the Baja during the March and April time frame every year. However, for the early birds there are still a few wahoo biting.

Small yellowfin tuna are far offshore and not on many of the anglers’ target list. Football-size tuna 50 miles 0ut!
Inshore it’s a mixed bag of roosterfish, sierra and skipjack eating chunked bait.
While deeper on rocky points the catch is sheepshead, snapper and grouper plus a few better grade yellowtail.

Cabo Climate: Average daytime temps are at 80.1 degrees with night temps at 66.4 degrees. Humidity ratio averaged 55.15%. It was a mostly sunny and warm week with a few passing clouds during the early part of the week.

Sea Conditions: The Pacific side, from the Finger Bank to the Golden Gate Bank and down across the Jaime Bank and out across the 1000 Fathom Curve, is all at 72 to 73 degrees. From Cabo San Lucas and out to the 95 Fathom Spot and on to the 1150 Fathom Spot and on to the Outer Gorda Bank is all at 73 to 74 degrees. Along the shoreline from Chileno and on up to the inner-Gorda Bank is all at 76 to 77 degrees as is Los Frailes and out to the 1000 Fathom Curve. Sea surface breezes are flowing in mostly from the westerly directions at an average of 13.5 mph.

Best Bait/Lure: A combination of bait and lures were being used for different types of fish and in different areas.

Bait Supplies: Remain very good for the live caballito at the $3.00 per bait rate paid direct to the bait vendor at time of receipt. …Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters. 

My grandson, Raif, and son-in-law, Colby, landing a roosterfish near the Island in Cabo — with Colby Durnin.