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Endless Season Update October 17, 2014
REPORT #1416 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa

East Cape are excited as 40 teams arrive for 25th East Cape Classic. While Los Cabos welcomes Tournament season with Los Cabos Billfish, followed by Los Cabos Offshore Charity event. Then on to the Bisbee's Black and Blue. A week later in early November it is the popular WON/Yamaha Tuna Jackpot Tournament.


Baja Norte

Coronado Islands

The yellowtail bite is excellent although they have dropped in size. Many of the yellows are in the 6- to 8-pound class with about 1/3 of the yellows in the 12- to 25-pound class The weather side of North Island, the south end of North Island, the Middle Grounds, Ribbon Kelp, South Kelp, SKR and the Rockpile are all seeingexcellent yellowtail action. There is also a good-sized population of bonito around. Most are 3- to 5-pound models but there are some caught every day in the 8- to 12-pound class as well. The sea lion problem here is off the hook. They are trying to steal every single fish you hook!! Because of the sea lion problem, you might want to try trolling for those yellows on 40- to 50-pound gear and horse them to the boat as quickly as possible.



No report

San Quintin


No report


Cedros Island

Another unusual catch in a remarkable year.

Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion

A recent catch...part of it anyway. The tuna were in the 20- to 25-pound range and they also caught yellowtail, dorado and calico bass to complete a mixed bag limit. Nice to get out fishing between the hurricanes we have been having nearly every week in the last month….Shari Bondy

La Bocana

Wahoo in La Bocana…Juanchy


Loreto snowbirds are starting to show up in town. The roads are clear and the flights to Loreto were only disrupted a few days by the last storm. Fishing has slowed due to the change in seasons and the lack of eager fishermen out chasing after hot action. We had a great yellowtail season but after that it was a slow pick at the summer dorado. Our dorado tournaments found some nice-sized fish and then scatter! This past week had some of the smaller dorado of the year come to the boats. Aside from that, it is the resident fish that will be holding our attention. The last time I was out we saw very little sea creature scenery. Dolphin, flying fish, sea turtles...they must be all off to some convention in Puerto Vallarta! We have seen good numbers of big cabrilla and pargo. Some 25-pound toro have returned to the south tip of Carmen Island. There are still no sierra except for an occasional stray. This is the time of year for roosterfish and sierra to show up. Looks to be all a waiting game. Wait for the bait fish, big fish and the tourists. I have recently seen the health department mosquito spraying trucks in town. After every rain storm the little vampires appear to liven things up.  Apparently there was some controversy about spraying due to the fact that the local bats eat the mosquitos. My Spanish isn't good enough to determine if the problem was with bat's rights or bug's rights or maybe somebody had a big shipment of insect repellent they wanted to unload first! The fishing scene is a little trolling and looking, followed by shallow water rock fishing at the traditional spots...and not many people doing that. The local hand line fishermen are always out on their special spots picking at the reds and pinto bass. It's been pretty much the same for most of this year. Late winter and early spring had the good action...since mid-April things have been very mediocre (mediocre to crappy)! …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

Magdalena Bay

Water has been off-color, windy and rough. Should be better starting on Wednesday. We have had luck south of the island when we can find blue water. Two nice dorado in the 40-pound class, one marlin released lots of small tuna and wahoo. Pargo and grouper on the outside rocks. Success will be running out of here starting next week so we will see what’s happening on the Lusitania, Potato, etc., next week. These banks have been producing for the other long-range boats. Wahoo Bill had one nice wahoo and some dorado before the water turned. …Mag Bay Outfitters

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas































Steve Snead made sure he wasn’t going to miss his La Paz trip. Coming all the way from Boise, Idaho and finding his flight canceled into Cabo San Lucas, he detoured to Loreto and drove five hours to La Paz to spend the week. He got his first sailfish and several days of some nice dorado like this one caught near Espirito Santo Island.  Perfect weather. Perfect water. Sunny days with just a hint of a breeze. Very little humidity. Could not ask for better conditions! It has been some of the best weather of the season. Like a postcard for the Chamber of Commerce!  So…what happened to the fish?


Danny Kadota, well-known in the fishing industry in So. California, and his 16-year-old daughter, Alexia, spent three days fishing with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet and had some banner fishing with 5 wahoo…3 sailfish (all released) plus assorted dorado and pargo. Here’s Danny with one of his bigger wahoo. The week started well with a nice jag of wahoo and a smattering of tuna mixed in with decent dorado, especially around Cerralvo Island. Dark-colored deep-running Rapalas put the hurt to the wahoo…up to 50 pounds…live bait enticed the tuna…while the dorado ate pretty much anything. Some sailfish and marlin were hooked. The week looked promising! Then, it sort of just fizzled. It was like the fish took a holiday or something. We struggled to get even a single dorado to bite and we resorted to having to go inshore for sierra, pargo and cabrilla. Mix it up with some rooster fish and jack crevalle and that’s the bite. I wish I knew. Last week when we had a full moon…in fact we had a full lunar eclipse…the fish bit pretty nicely. This week with a minimal moon, the fish are all lock-jawed.  Maybe things are cooling down a little too fast. You can feel a bit of fall/winter in the air and northern winds are starting to creep in. So, maybe the fish are adjusting. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, things will have popped back. Lots of anglers coming back to town now that all the airports in Cabo, La Paz and Loreto are open!
..Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

Todos Santos

East Cape


Pete Gray of Let's Talk Hook-up had a very good day recently fishing with Mark Rayor.  Wahoo – The big news of the week was the abundance of wahoo. Some who targeted them boated up to four fish. This is definitely a great time to run swimming lures! ...Rancho Leonero


The wahoo bite is still plentiful near Frailes … along with lots of tuna and dorado. La Ribera Banks are producing pargo of good size and amberjack. Along shore there are sierra and medium-size roosterfish. The white bonita are very close to shore along with the sierra. ...Cindy Kirkwood, East Cape Tackle




The Lynn Rose 25th East Cape Classic began Thursday with 40 teams competing at Palmas de Cortez Resort. The first day produced small dorado along with a few wahoo and four billfish released.



San Jose del Cabo

Hi all! Just returned from nine days in San Jose/Cabo area. Arrived on Friday evening and everything was green and beautiful. There was definitely damage though most was to the poorly built structures and some of the older ones.


You had to wonder if they were like that before the hurricane. Puerto Los Cabos and La Playita was hit the worst in my opinion. I have never seen Cabo so empty; there was no one there. The only hotel I could find open was the Wyndham. Stayed there for a few nights, then Kelly at the La Marina Inn in La Playita opened with a few rooms and I moved up there. Most electricity was on and Wi-Fi was up and going just about everywhere. Sardina are all over but not larger baits, you have to catch your own on the banks and it can be tough some days.


The boat was fine Saturday but with Simon off shore the water was awful so we passed on fishing and did some much needed boat work. Sunday we got there and the port was closed for no reason … the water was fine. The port Captain decided to come to work and open the port at 8, but in Puerto Los Cabos the fuel dock decided to change its schedule and close up shop for the day. SO we needed fuel and off to the Pemex with 6 6-gallon cans to get enough fuel to head to Cabo and fill up there. We fished a little on the way down. Not much going on; grabbed our fuel and ran back up to the inner and outer Gordo. Lots of bait! I have never seen the outer Gordo so packed with bait; everything was out there except any predators.


Monday I hit it early and ran to the inner Gordo for some bait and went off in search of marlin; we live-baited the outer Gordo with everything … skipjack, chuilies and bolito for nothing! We went off trolling after half a day past the Iman; picked up 2 wahoo, one 30 pound, the other was a pig at about 70 pounds. Wahoo were as thick as I have ever seen them down there … if you were on the banks you were getting piled on.


We dropped two more sails and a mystery bite, probably a marlin. The next day we started out the same way … no live baiting! Picked up a blue just off the outer about 225 pounds and a sail just after that; lost another blue and pulled hook in two more sails.


Wednesday we went way up north to San Luis and Frailes, fished a little deeper off the edge and we found the sails 7/10; catching 7 billfish in Cabo is not unheard of but to have 7 bills and not a single one a marlin is pretty unheard of. Speaking of marlin, we saw no striped marlin the whole time; we didn't fish the Pacific. Also we found no dorado … didn't have a bite. We did find some minis under some floating debris (the only bit we saw) like 6 inches. I was pretty shocked.


Thursday-Sunday more of the same; we did lose one really nice blue marlin … broke us off after jumping back on the main line that was in the 450 class (took my best cabo lure with it. I have caught five blue marlin this year and more stripies and sails than I can count) and we landed one nice blue that was 375 to 400 pounds. Definitely would have won money over the next two weeks of tournaments. The blues are within a 5-mile radius of the Outer Gordo Bank. That's my bet on where the tourney winners will come from. We ended up 3 blues out of 6, 11 sails, 4 wahoo and we fishing one and 1/2 day for tunas and ended up with 9 around 20 pounds and some white skipjack. I didn't see or hear of any big tunas. Not many people fishing though…Chris


We have been down east of San Jose del Cabo for almost a week. Everything is in amazingly good shape and people are truly grateful to have visitors back. The airport has seen incredible work done to it. Food, fuel, ice and beer are readily available! If the damn airlines would only resume their flights? Oh and we have not been offshore but the fishing from the shore is really great! …Bill Parker

Los Cabos


























CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico (October 16, 2014) — The first day of fishing in the 2014 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament proved productive, especially for Team Reel Gold. Alaskan Jason Snyder, currently of Namibia, hooked up to a nice blue marlin at 12:27 p.m., and after a tough 30-minute battle the crew had the marlin on board. At the IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas weigh gantry, the fish weighed in at 365 pounds, winning levels 1-4 Daily Marlin Jackpots worth $20,700 and giving Team Reel Gold the lead in the tournament.



In the Tuna/Wahoo/Dorado Jackpot, Team Minerva II angler Gary Anderson from Canada weighed a 25.4-pound dorado to take the $2,100 Daily Jackpot. 



Team Estrella Del Norte angler Gonzalo Gastillo of San Jose Del Cabo won the $2,100 Tuna Jackpot, besting a 180-pound yellowfin after a two-hour fight on 60-pound-test line. There were no wahoo weighed in, so that jackpot rolls to day two of fishing.


The fishing remains pretty good from Cabo San Lucas, but the numbers of boats fishing has continued to be on the downside due to the lack of anxious anglers and diminished flight services to Los Cabos. We had only four trips this past week that resulted in a single striper and 23 dorado, (some of the dorado were in the 40-pound ranges and likely would have won the daily biggest dorado for the first day of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament. The biggest tournament-caught dorado was taken by "Team Minerva" and checked in at 25.4 pounds. Biggest billfish was a 385 pound blue marlin, taken by angler Jason Snyder with "Team Reel Gold" and the biggest yellowfin tuna, a 180-pounder, was taken by angler Gonzalo Castillo fishing on "Team Estrada del Norte." It was a great first day for the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament that was going to be finalized on Saturday evening at the Playa Grande Resort's Beachside Terrace.


Now that Cabo San Lucas is 99% back together from Hurricane Odile, the anglers, golfers and relaxing tourists are beginning their return to the "unstoppable Cabo" at the tip of Baja South. It is currently tournament time from here through mid-November and everything is ready to go. Watch for the up-coming reports on the action.


Cabo Climate: Picture-perfect temperatures that ranged from 70 nights to 94 daytime highs with a humidity level at 69%. Mostly sunny, clear and warm days that blended into perfect evenings in tropical atmospheres.


Sea Conditions: Sea temps were in the 80s on both sides. The Finger Bank to Cabo Falso on the Pacific side was in the 85 to 86 range and from Cabo San Lucas and around to the Sea of Cortez side was a little cooler at 83 to 84 degrees. 10 to 15 square miles of 88 degree water just outside the 1000 Fathom Curve and just south of the 95 Fathom Spot. Surface breezes ranged from calm to about 10 mph with a mostly easterly flow.


Best Fishing Area: Our boats fished mostly in the area outside Cabo Falso Lighthouse, 3 to 6 miles or so. … Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters