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Endless Season Update December 19, 2014,
REPORT #1423 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa





The southern portion of the Tijuana-Ensenada Toll Road that has been closed since a massive landslide last year reopened on Tuesday afternoon. The Toll Road is a major artery for tourism and commerce in Baja California.


Baja Norte

Coronado Islands

Recent cold and stormy weather, and no reports.



No Report this week

San Quintin


No Report

Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion


Fishing is hot in Bahia Asuncion and the yellowtail are putting on the pounds for the holidays; we have been getting fish over 40 pounds between storms!…Shari Bondy


We are into our winter pattern of weather as one would expect on the week before Christmas.

Most of the activities in town and up north are focused on family and holidays leaving few people interested in fishing.

For the past two weeks solid we have had a good bite going on with many yellowtail running around 20 pounds.

The hotspot continues to be out at Coronado Island and live bait is still the hot ticket.

Bigeyed jacks are one of the two preferred live baits and they are back outside the Marina early. Slow-trolling a bait rig in this shallow area can be productive. The mackerel are still being caught on the late night bite (out past Coronado Island).

Late night means 2 a.m. and in 500 feet of water with the macks hitting near the halfway point. (Moral of this story? Buy bait!)

Last week's sorties to the southern fishing area turned up zero for the wahoo hunters and only one yellowtail on an iron.

(I will find out at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) if any action was happening this week down south.)

Reds, cabrilla and big pinto bass are being caught on sardina at a few of the shallow water reefs around Coronado.

A few halibut were landed inside the Marina again this week.

The handline crews have been tossing sardina out near the entrance with most catches being as the sun comes up.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few San Diego-type halibut specialists working the sandy bottom all along the Loreto waterfront could discover an untapped fishery!

Everybody goes blasting out of the harbors seeking far off bites when there is action within casting distance.

I've seen roosterfish, sierra, toros, cabrilla and now halibut being pulled up in this zone. Spoons, plastics, sardina and bigeyed jacks all do damage here! ...Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas





































I think this is the slow-down before the holidays as the whole city is just in “mellow Christmas mode” right now. Everyone is excited about Christmas, but it’s just very “tranquil” (peaceful) right now. I think every place is like that no matter where you live…unless you’re hitting a shopping mall in the U.S.

Here in Mexico, Christmas season started well before the U.S., Thanksgiving. There’s no Thanksgiving holiday in Mexico so right about Halloween/All Souls Day/Dia de Los Muertos stores start selling decorations, toys, etc. And people start buying and decorating and getting ready two months ahead of time. Homes have been decorated for weeks. Christmas trees have been up since the end of November (which means the live ones can be pretty dry by now!). Packages have been under the trees for weeks also. 

If you’re just headed out to buy toys or decorations now, you’re pretty much out-of-luck! There’s not much to buy. I had trouble finding a string of white lights last week for some that burned out already at the Tailhunter Restaurant! I had to go to five stores to find any Christmas lights!

Anyway, there are not many visitors around, either. Next week folks will come in for vacation, but many of them are snow-birds or folks just coming in for the holidays. Not many anglers around! It would be a good time to be on the water since there’s no pressure on the fish at all! 

We only had a few anglers ourselves. The only ones out there, for the most part, are the commercial guys. 

It was a little windy here and there and kinda’ bouncy and rough a few days, but that’s typical this time of year. As I’ve mentioned often, we are only fishing with our fleet at Las Arenas/Bahia de Los Muertos because it’s calmer there and the fish are closer and there’s more variety. With our La Paz fleet, it’s just too rough many days and a long bumpy ride to the fishing grounds for erratic fishing. 

But, at Muertos and around Cerralvo, we’re still getting a few dorado up to about 15 pounds … nothing big, but decent action. There are still a few roosters around to about 20 pounds. Mostly school-sized fish although someone did latch onto a fish estimated at double that size. They never saw the fish, but it was hooked right there in the “rooster zone” near the Arenas light house and slammed into the bait like a big rooster. The clients had never caught a rooster before and kinda’ fumbled around and lost the fish! Oh well. Everyone had a laugh. 

There are still some great inshore stuff, too. Sierra are becoming more abundant as the waters get cold and we got some decent cabrilla and small pargo in the rocks. 



Left to right…Jorge “Moscoron”…Ramiro “Juan Valdez”…Manuel Archangel “Arkie”…Gerardo “Albondigan”…Pancho and Adolfo’s son (Adolfo was up on the ranch working). Victor was out hunting. Armando’s wife had him doing something. 

I did get some of our Las Arenas captains who are well known to so many of our clients to get together on a slow day to wish everyone a Feliz Navidad.

Feliz Navidad to you and yours with many blessings!.…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

Todos Santos

East Cape Offshore: Striped marlin are being caught at La Ribera Banks with caballito. Dorado are picking up; they have been caught in front of Palmas de Cortez. Wahoo are very few by the Lighthouse.

Inshore and beach: Sierra and jacks have been so-so and they are medium- sized being caught along with pompano close to shore. Roosterfish have been of the smallish variety being caught at the La Ribera Banks.

Bottom: Pargo, amberjack and yellowtail have been caught near the rocky outcroppings. …Cindy Kirkwood, East Cape Tackle

San Jose del Cabo

Sardina continue to be available and have been the bait of choice for having success on the yellowfin tuna and skipjack. This action has been found near Iman and towards Vinorama this week; drift fishing with sardina proved the best way to entice these fish. Most of the tuna have been weighing in the 15- to 20-pound range, with a handful up to 50 pounds mixed in. There have been some healthy-sized white skipjack to over 15 pounds on the same grounds. Dorado were not as easy to find, no particular place, scattered in small schools … some charters would have two or three dorado and others would not see any. Sizes averaged 10 to 20 pounds.

Wahoo activity improved in recent days, the normal areas north of Punta Gorda were producing action for wahoo ranging from 15 to 50 pounds. Anglers had strikes while trolling with Rapalas, but the best chances were taken while trolling with live chihuil, which were not that easy to come by. Offshore of San Jose del Cabo, there were schools of sardinetas (baitfish) showing, this has attracted striped marlin to this area; surely other gamefish will follow, as these are a preferred food source. Also this is normally a sign that schooling mackerel will be moving into local waters soon.

Inshore action for sierra, jack crevalle and some roosterfish has been steady, though not many people are concentrating efforts inshore, as offshore action has been very good. Bottom action improved this week, species such as snapper, cabrilla, bonito, pompano, hogfish and triggerfish were landed. Mid-week there was one day where some pelagic red crabs were found drifting to the surface and these made excellent baits for red snapper. The next day no one reported finding any of the red crabs.

We are anticipating great winter season action … seems to be following same patterns as last year. As long as warm currents prevail, there will be dorado, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and billfish hanging around. Whales are showing now in greater numbers, many sea lions as well, actually too many, have been a nuisance on the fishing grounds..…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Los Cabos
































Fishing conditions have been very good this past week with very little wind on most days and fairly smooth seas. Early in the week we had mostly 80° to 81° water on the Pacific side the last couple of days water has been dropping down to 77° to 79°.



The dorado bite has really picked up from the week before. Limit-style fishing is the norm and just about all the dorado are over 20 pounds with most in the 25- to 30-pound range. Wahoo bite has also been very good with most boats getting at least one and up to four or five a day. The wahoo’s been on the small side for the most part with most fish in the 12- to 18-pound range with an occasional 30- to 40-pounder.

We found a 5-gallon bucket on Monday that was loaded with dorado and wahoo. Our first pass trolling through it, all the rods went off; we got 3 dorado and 2 wahoo. I told my crew to put out the light tackle jigging gear and we proceeded to throw the iron and surface plugs to limit out on dorado and go 8 for 15 on the wahoo. Most of the wahoo were 12 to 16 pounds. We also managed to hook and release 2 striped marlin that day.

The striped marlin fishing has been poor to fair this past week. There just does not seem to be the volume of striped marlin that we are accustomed to for this time a year. Some days we are getting 3 to 4 striped marlin but on most days we are struggling to get 1 or 2 with many boats striking out on the billfish. I have a feeling that this fall the striped marlin bite that we are accustomed to will develop much later in the season as this El Niño effect has changed our regular patterns.

There are still a few blue marlin around with several boats hooking blue or black marlin just about every day this past week. Most fish were 200 to 350 pounds.

The tuna fishing has been very poor this past week with very few tuna being caught. There is an occasional boat that finds a school of willing biters but even then they are only getting a handful at best. I did hear of a few hundred-pound-plus fish caught this week but for the most part, the majority of the boats that are going out looking for tuna are striking out.

With the great dorado and wahoo bite that has been going on close to the beach on the Pacific side, very few boats have been going out for tuna the last several days. We went out looking for the tuna Wednesday the 17th and we did find a nice school of porpoise with lots of birds on it and saw many tuna on the sounder, we could not get any to bite. We ended up with just one striped marlin for the day and ran home from 40+ miles offshore.

I have heard unconfirmed reports of some decent 20- to 35-pound rooster fish being caught along the beaches on the Pacific side.

If we can just get this tuna bite to get going things will be looking very good in the next couple weeks here in CaboRenegade Mike

Cabo Climate: 
It has been a partly cloudy week with a light mix of sunshine and temps that varied from 56 nights to 78 daytime highs. Light jackets recommended for evenings and mornings. Humidity level is currently at 55%.

Sea Conditions: 
On the Pacific side, the Finger Bank is holding at 80. Golden Gate Bank to Jaime Bank and south beyond the 1000 fathom curve, temps increase to 81-83 degrees. Cabo San Lucas to Gorda Banks is all at 79.5. Tropical surface breezes ranged from calm to 13 mph, flowing from the northwest. Overall, good fishing weather…Larry Edwards Cortez Charters



Dorado, dorado, all day long! First boat arrived 9 a.m. 
Yep... catching limits on dorado by 8 a.m! ...Gricelda Smokehouse