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Endless Season Update November 21, 2014,
REPORT #1419 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa

The local catch of wahoo has generated plenty of excitement, but everyone seems to have missed the fact that wahoo are currently thick everywhere, from Ensenada to the tip of the Peninsula and all the way back up into Gonzaga Bay in the Sea of Cortez.

Additionally, Larry Edwards mentioned in his report that there are a number of very small wahoo being caught out in front of the Santa Maria Bay area, mostly in the 4- to 6-pound range. Very unusual. Wahoo are a fast-growing fish, growing 20 to 30 pounds in the first year, so he assumes these smaller fish were born in Cabo waters, recently, which is news for him. Female wahoo can lay from 560,000 to 45 million eggs and they do so in spurts. The world record is 158 pounds taken in the Sea of Cortez and a 202-pounder was declined for recognition by IGFA in 2002, so they can get pretty big!

Here is the latest Customs Allowance List when entering Mexico. Don't shoot the messenger!

Baja Norte

Coronado Islands

Holding steady…

Yellowtail are still at the Islands and on some days they are biting good. Some days just fair, but still okay. Best bite for several days has been in the afternoon.

They are all quality fish in the 15- to 30-pound class. Most of the action is in the deep water NE of Pukey Point on yoyo irons and dropper loop sardines.

The yellows have also been on the Middle Grounds, the lee of South Island, South Kelp and SKR. Bonito are still around too but in lesser numbers. These are ranging from 1 to 10 pounds and are spread out all over the Islands.

Rockfish action is good now on lings, the red-type rockfish and whitefish. The deep area just north of North Island and the area SW of the Rockpile are both working well. The Descanso Bay area is kicking out lots of the brown types of rockfish along with some lingcod.



Last weekend reports of yellowtail at the same banks we’ve been reporting on for the last several weeks … Salsipuedes and Todos Santos Island. But this weekend the Reel Adventure had a surprise…in addition to yellowtail, they hooked up two 20-pound blue fin tuna! Everyone had a great time with awesome weather and pretty nice seas, using Tady 45 blue and white, mint green. And the dorado and yellows were biting at 200 to 250 feet.



Pictured here are Wes Price and Alvin Mathis with their blue fin tuna…Edgar Sanchez, Marina Coral

San Quintin


We've just been fishing yellows.....not really looking for marlin. Had a boat out yesterday and they did good on yellows, lost a few. Lots of bottom fish, too…Kelly Catian K&M Sportfishing


Baja Sur

Bahia Asuncion

We've just been fishing yellows.....not really looking for marlin. Had a boat out yesterday and they did good on yellows, lost a few.

Lots of bottom fish, too…Kelly Catian K&M Sportfishing

La Bocana 

Wahoo continue to snap and excite locals…Juanchy Aguilar 



We're fishing on the calm days now and only need to go as far as off Coronado Island for yellowtail (10 to 15 pounds), sierra, dorado (under 15 pounds), bonito (toothy, white meat), pargo and cabrilla. 

Yellowtail are off the bottom early in the morning, using live mackerel with 10-ounce weight, 80# leader. 

Bait is regularly for sale at the Marina in the morning -- both mackerel and sardina. We're getting strong Norte's and cold air again…Pam Bolles, Baja Big Fish Company 

The winter north winds have rolled into town giving us 3 days on and 3 days off. Blustery north winds for a few days followed by sunny glass calm days. The days we have been able to get on, fish turned up -- the everyday varieties at our favorite high spots and rock piles. Yeah, I've been talking about those little pinto bass, triggerfish, pargo, cabrilla...all the usual stuff.

Today's trips did turn up the same rock pile mixed bag but also surprised us with a (est) 125-pound striped blue marlin and a few 48-inch bull dorado. Out at Catalan Island, a few wahoo were caught off the south end. Directly south of the tip is a large shallow flat area, but to the east is a deep water trench that must be the connecting route to the Pacific, past La Paz and Cabo.

Some big bad fish get hooked for the boats that travel out there.....every season a few big marlin, yellowfin tuna and 'hoos, too! We had some clients who were paddle boarding north at L.A Bay, among a group of whale sharks.

The interesting part is we have been seeing what we would expect with the "el nino" warm water. Whale sharks, marlin, dodos and wahoo and the yellowtail are deep. Today's dive trip at Coronado Island enjoyed the first of the season's dancing humpback whales in warm water, two months early.

I don't know what to expect next!

No complaints from down here. Sardina for bait and still hoping to see schools of sierra come to town…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas






































Carlos Cifuentes from Los Angeles had never fished before, but took a day to get on the water with the Tailhunter Fleet out of Bahia de Los Muertos and got some nice dorado and lost another half-dozen and said, “My arms and shoulder were sore! I never caught a fish before in my life!” He’s here with Captain Armando.



Waters are getting cooler so we’re getting a mix of warm and colder water fish like these feisty sierra that are a hoot on lighter tackle. Brian Mee from Washington with Captain Pancho. This fish was caught near the Las Arenas Lighthouse.



Brian Mee from eastern Washington with a good example of the type of rooster fish we still have biting right now off Las Arenas. Brian was fishing with light tackle and got a variety of fish. This rooster and many others were released. 

A bit windier this week with a few really bouncy days, but still overall really pleasant conditions. But, as we get closer to winter we’re going to see more winds and especially winds from the north. But that very reason is why we’re doing most of our fishing from Las Arenas right now since we can launch from the beach at Bahia de Los Muertos where we’re a bit more protected from the winds and it’s also easier since the fishing is much closer…like RIGHT THERE!

I’m not kidding. We’re getting a variety of fish within minutes of where we launch. The bay itself is holding some decent rooster fish. By the northern point of rocks, there are jack crevalle and cabrilla. As soon as you pass the point, drop the lures and there’s always the possibility of wahoo literally within a hundred yards of the rocks! Go south or just outside to the buoys and you can hit dorado. 

Anywhere in between, there’s also the chance of more wahoo, billfish (sails mostly), pargo, and bonito. Great variety and in between these gusty days, conditions are about as pleasant as you could want with air temps in the low 80’s and water temps just about the same. Just be flexible on your fishing days, if you can, in case the day you want to go out looks like the wind is going to kick in.

Keep an eye out as well. There’s so much sea life out there. Schools of dolphin…sea turtles…whalesharks…blue whales…manta rays. Pretty incredible time to be in La Paz! …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International 

It was the kind of week that you almost never knew what you were going to catch. …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International 

Todos Santos

East Cape

Billfish – The Captains located mackerel on the La Ribera Bank which was holding stripers. The trick was to catch the macks with Lucky Joes and soak them with a sinker.

Yellowfin Tuna – There are smaller tuna farther south and also on Punta Gorda … far out of range of the local boats.

Dorado – A very few small ones with an occasional larger one showing up.

Wahoo – Wahoo continue to be the big news. Ted Baker, fishing with Captain Ramon, caught two 40+ pounders on Friday. The big Rapalas worked best with many boats scoring multiples. Best areas were the Light House and just south of Frailes.



Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch some anglers went bottom fishing and were rewarded with pompano, sierra and pargo…Rancho Leonero


Nice 29-pound wahoo at Buenavista Beach Resort for a neighbor in tourney and he's in the lead!

and finally

Striped marlin and dorado are between La Ribera and Cabo Pulmo. If you go North you will get blue marlin and stripers as well and the wahoo bite has taken a slow turn....

Onshore fishing is really good right now for sierra, roosters (everywhere) and still dorado between Los Barriles and the Lighthouse. The bottom fishing has slowed due to the water temps.....Cindy Kirkwood, East Cape Tackle


Captain Mark with a flyrod? Next it will be no t-shirts and full technical FF garb.

The East Cape fishing season is rapidly coming to a close as weather changes and more kite boarders arrive. The water in the Sea of Cortez is still blue and above 80 degrees but history tells us these conditions will be short-lived. A real time view of current East Cape weather can be viewed on our live webcams at: JenWren Sportfishing


San Jose del Cabo

Anglers found sporadic action for yellowfin tuna, at times in feeding frenzies, other times not biting until later, although other days early action was best; areas close off of La Fortuna and Punta Gorda also were holding the schooling yellowfin tuna. One key was having the sardina for bait. These tuna averaged 10 to 20 pounds and various skipjack were mixed with them. An occasional much larger tuna, weighing from 60 to over 200 pounds, was being accounted for. No big numbers though. Gordo Banks was the best bet at trying to find the larger grade of yellowfin. These fish were all hitting on various baits, either live, dead or chunk. They were not being taken on lures.

Most of the wahoo were hitting baits, not lures, but you never know with these elusive spooky fish, they are very unpredictable. Many small wahoo under ten pounds were in the area, particularly closer to Cabo San Lucas, though there were quite a few fish in the 20- to 40-pound class and then an occasional larger specimen over 50 pounds was also being reported. Most of this wahoo action was from Punta Gorda to farther north.

More dorado are off of San José del Cabo grounds, though the majority have been smaller-sized fish; remember to release these juvenile fish, so that they can mature and reproduce, helping to maintain the future fishery. More sierra are now moving inshore, always a sign of cooling currents to come.

Off the bottom rock piles there have been a handful of dogtooth snapper, amberjack, pargo, cabrilla and bonito, though this has not been consistent and with increasing late morning winds from the north, it has not been a practical option at times. Billfish became even more scattered, probably the best bet was in the direction of the Pacific Banks. With the warm ocean temperatures and plentiful schools of skipjack, there are still chances of the black and blue marlin hanging throughout the present yearEric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Los Cabos

































Six yellowfin tuna … 30, 10, 116 AND 201.1 pounds.

Anglers: Andy Atgins and Mark Duffell all the way from England aboard "Tracy Ann" with Captain Nicolas Winkler and Martin Gonzalez. Pisces Sportfishing 



Darin Downey and Jeff Nowak from Lodi, Calif., just arrived (Late !!) but with huge tunas; this one, 178 pounds, another 120 pounds and a bunch of 20-pounders.

Over all, the bite has been great for dorados and "weehoos” … Gricelda Smokehouse 


Randy Bluth raced in the Baja 100 and took first place (Category 7). Then came to Cabo for fishing and caught dorado and wahoo… Gricelda Smokehouse 

Cabo Climate: Cool nights and warm days with temps that ranged from 60 to 86 degrees. It was mostly sunny and warm days with a few passing clouds and light tropical breezes.

Sea Conditions: Pacific side, from the Finger Bank and Todos Santos, southerly to Cabo San Lucas and into the Sea of Cortez, all at 81.5 degrees out to the 1000 fathom curve. Outside the 95 and 1150 Fathom Spots and just outside the 1,000 fathom curve, temps rose to 82 degrees. Surface breezes ranged from calm to about 9-mph, flowing mostly from the easterly directions…Larry Edwards Cortez Charters