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Endless Season Update Febuary 26, 2017
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Baja Bytes Weekly Overview 02/24/17
Friday, February 24, 2017 
Gary Graham

Que Pasa
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Fred Hall is always a great hangout for Baja Buffs. Click the photo to read about one of my favorite places in Baja Sur…

Baja Norte

Coronado Islands 

Mixed red rockfish continue to show well at areas just below the border and the general areas to the north and east of North Coronado Island.
Fresh dead squid is the preferred bait and the depth most are working is in the 300- to 425-foot range. You will pretty much need one pound of lead and maybe even two pounds if the wind and drift is fast. …

The area from the Tijuana Bull Ring, south, remains a primary target for a mix of sand and calico bass along with a few sculpin and the odd halibut.
Many of the regulars are fishing the Hookup Bait in pink and red crab colors. The sizes are 5/8th ounce up to 1.5 ounce.
Other than these plastics some guys are scoring on the bass fishing using the ¾ ounce slider and a couple of strips of squid pinned on the 3/0 hook. …


Local fleet boats in Ensenada score mixed bag, including rockfish, lingcod and sheepshead, with little surface action.

The Pacific Queen re-located the 12- to 25-pound yellowtail on their last 1.5-day run that returned early Tuesday morning. Those yellows came mainly on the larger yoyo iron, like the Salas 6X or 7X, the Tady 4/0 or 45 heavy or the JRI stinger jig. Red was a hot color once again but guys also scored with scrambled egg and blue/white at Colonet.


While few anglers found their way to San Quintin this week there were some fat yellows for the tenacious willing to get wet down amongst them.

Went down to San Quentin and the Old Mill; some people had just come in and they had a good catch of rock fish. The road into the Old Mill is in good shape as well as Mex 1 … however the road into Jardines is flooded so you need to take the Old Mill road in and make a left turn on the east/west street that Jardines faces. This should be dried up in a few days barring any new storms. …Chris

The Upper Sea of Cortez Bahia De Los Angeles


Bahia de Los Angeles to Mexicali Road update, February 21, 2017

1. Bahia road is in the early stages of disintegration. You can see the second layer of asphalt in many places with some minor potholes appearing just west of the old Cpl. Garza sign.

2. Road to Laguna Chapala has minor to some moderate potholes.

3. Long stretch just off the turnoff is a bit rough. Look out to your right and see the new road with gravel all lined up to spread. Whether or not they pave that section for use early on is anyone's guess. 

4. The road through the passes are rough but taking it easy as everyone advises is the key.

5. Out of the passes the road is still rough. We found that using the bypass road (sand) was much smoother. The ‘sand’ secondary road on the north side has longer stretches that make the driving much easier.

6. The road up to Gonzaga is fine but past that to Puertecitos is filled with moderate potholes. Since there was little to no oncoming traffic we took over the center lane and weaved as often as possible.

7. The vados can lull you into picking up speed. Just as you think the deep ones are done, there is one little one with a high center that will help your head reach the top of the cab.

8. Crossing at Mexicali took 25 minutes. …Don Weir

Baja Sur



Central Baja was hit with a severe rainstorm that flooded various areas, including Guerrero Negro.


Down at Laguna Ojo de Liebre, whales are still doing their thing for flocks of visiting tourists.


Vizcaino wayat Ascension, La Bocana and Abreojos is still quiet; however, the road sign near Santa Rosalia was more confirmation of both wind and rain from last week.


Results from Captain Tony's trip to the "50 Spot" for a full house of yellowtail and huachinango. All the captains have their own favorite rock piles and it is mind boggling to watch them hit each one.

This is where all the bigger yellowtail and big huachinango have been hanging out for the past 6 weeks.

In Loreto, Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing, observed that out of all the bunches of folks showing up to do whale watching we managed a few trips out with some serious fish hunters!

The wind remains to be the determining factor on where you can fish.

One of the top favorite spots happens to be east of town and with a north wind in the afternoon the ride back to town can get wet. The ride back to town is no problem for the boats fishing north at San Bruno Reef and Candeleros.

Down at the south end of our area the Escondido crowd reports mixed results with not many details to fill in the blanks. "Wild Will" reported that Monday the "fish were biting everywhere" and today's report was "zero with yellow water and three-foot visibility!" I would guess that the water was greener with the red krill mixed in…

At Magdalena Bay, Puerto Lopez Mateos


Whale watching is a pretty neat experience that should last until mid-March. …Jonathan Roldan

La Paz 

The constant winds have turned much of the water green and murky with a lot of suspended particulate in it. The good side is that this is normal stuff for this time of year and with El Nino, for two years, we didn’t get the cold water in winter. 

This meant there were no nutrients for bait which is a big reason why for the last two seasons the bait stocks up and down the Sea of Cortez were so minimal. 

So, although it didn’t help us now, in the long run this seems to bode well for the coming fishing season. I did have someone recently tell me that down in Cabo San Lucas, about 100 miles south of us, they’re seeing more bait than they’ve seen in several years. So…bring it on!!! 


At East Cape, Early Booking Discount - Scorpion Sportfishing feat. El Regalo.


Esual Valdez and a buddy, Buena Vista Beach Hotel scored on both cabrilla and amberjack the drop off in front of La Ribera recently.

Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas, San Jose del Cabo report pending

Cabo San Lucas

A cold rainstorm early in the week seemed to dampen the billfish bite even further, while the town gears up for the soon coming “Spring Break.”

Yellowtail prospects brighten for those seeking some action closer to home on some of the rocky high spots. Another option has been both roosterfish and jacks on the surface . . . or the seemingly ever-present sierra that are biting bait strips or hoochies.

Farther offshore on the San Jamie, the yellowfin tuna are frolicking. Nothing huge, mostly the more manageable football-plus size.

If you are in the mood for a fresh fish dinner, try targeting the pompano and triggerfish that have been in the fleets count recently.

Report pending…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.

Whale feeding near beach…Jeff DeBrown


Bob, with his grandson Grant, and a nice rooster caught close to shore. …Grant Hartman


This week the Marine Corps welcomed the participants of the 2017 Harley Davidson motorcycle cruise, with more than 500 bikes departing February 23 from Los Cabos on their Peace run to Comondú and Loreto, an event of great Fellowship and Brotherhood, which generates a significant economic benefit for the state. Congratulations to the organizers and sponsors!!!