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Endless Season Update January 30, 2015,
REPORT #1428 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

Que Pasa


Baja's whale watching season is heating up from Ojo de Liebre Lagoon below Guerreo Negro to the tip of Baja.


Baja Norte

Coronado Islands

Best bet is rockfish early, then scout for yellows feeding on red crab later in the day in the Gun Sight and Genoa areas; there are even some lingcod mixed in with the yellows. Another option are bonito scattered throughout the area … fast-troll small feathers until bit, then toss a little chum for fish running anywhere from 2 to 12 pounds.


We got an early report from the Reel Adventure...Wes Price and his grandson, Ryan Lancer, started the morning out right with a nice yellowtail. Hoping we get a great weekend report!..Edgar Sanchez, Marina Coral Store

Punta Colonet

We fished hard until lunch time for just 2 yellows. We watched the party boats keep 1 to 2 hanging at all times with some flurries of 6 or 8 fish at once. The fish just didn't want to bite wide open like they had the past few weekends. The party boats would brail bait like crazy and it would turn the fish on to the sardine; they'd hook a few and it would be over. We didn't carry that kind of bait and we struggled. There wasn't much current at all (Strike 1!) and all the fish were plugged with red crabs (Strike 2!) making it really tough to get a bite.

Plenty of yellowtail on the high spot. The big sport boats are doing way better than the private boaters though due to scanning sonar and the huge amount of chum they can throw to hold the fish. The yellows are stuffed full of red crab, so it takes brails of chum to get them interested in eating finbait or iron for a few minutes.

San Quintin

Photo Kelly Catian


The yellow tail continue to show over the whole area; the Island, Ben’s Rock, the 6 and the Breaks just to name a few are all holding yellows. The fish are both up on the surface and down deep in the Rockfish areas. There is also a steady stream of big bonito and barracuda showing up daily.

Plus there’s great fishing for ling cod and reds. It’s crazy good! Much better than it normally is for this time of year…Fish Dope


Baja Sur

Bahía Ascensión



It certainly has been an unusual fishing season as we are still catching yellowfin tuna the last week of January which has never happened before! Our guests from LA and San Quintin had a great day on the water in Bahia Asuncion catching limits of nice yellowtail, calico bass, white fish, bonito, tuna and even a scorpion fish! Even though there was a huge swell, it was a hot sunny day with not much wind making it perfect for their first time fishing here.

Shore fishing has also been hot with lots of corvina and yellowfin croakers from the town beach...and still some halibut a bit further south.


La Bocana


January 21-27, that's all I needed to know … I had a shot at phenomenal January fishing. And it didn't disappoint! We had three really solid days on the water, with the first being the best and tampering off a little each day from then on. We fished some of the popular local offshore high spots and were greeted by seagulls sitting over red crabs the first day. That lead to my first ever January YFT that steam-rolled a sinking 4.5-ounce Megabait-style jig. Fresh sashimi!



The big news is that mackerel are being caught up near Punta Colorado and at a reasonable hour. The bait sellers haven't yet starting selling bait (mackerel and the other big baits) but they soon will have the goodies to stick on our hooks!

Early was the strategy that worked due to the bite being out at Punta Lobo. It's a 45-minute run to Colorado for bait and from there another 45-minute run to Lobo and Tinturara. Thirty macks took only ten drops for most of the boat once they got the spot located.

It's been a good bite on the yellowtail with many close to thirty pounds. Once again we have been harassed by thieving sea lions with many hook-ups getting nailed by the pesky sea beasts. That's why the point is called "Lobo," a colony with good fish holding structure 100 yards away. For the next two months it will kick out yellowtail, big cabrilla and if you know the area you might stumble on the "baquita hole," too.

Keep an eye open and listen to the radio if you like the additional rush of seeing the visiting great whales. Blue whale trips have been successful and the humpbacks are also in the area.…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz, La Ventana and Las Arenas



It's been on-and-off cold, wet and rainy the past week or so. Usually, it's just windy. Not much fishing going on, but captains "complained" that the water was a chilly 72 degrees last week! Some sierra around and there's more yellowtail showing up...and then this strange guy caught by Scott Burnham on a crankbait from the beach. Most of you have never seen one. I know what it is.…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

East Cape

While dorado and wahoo were found by boats trolling offshore, inshore provided more variety with sierra and jack cravelle being the primary targets inshore. On the high spots off of La Ribera there were pargo, cabrilla and grouper for some patient anglers fishing deep. There were even a few early season yellowtail in the mix.....Cindy Kirkwood, East Cape Tackle, noted,

Yellowfin tuna are hanging around late into the season, or maybe this is the start of the new season, results will be dictated on what exactly happens with the ocean conditions and various food sources preferred by the gamefish. Spotty action, depending on what the weather and currents allowed. Tuna are being encountered on various grounds, most not far from shore, including the Gordo Banks, to La Fortuna, Iman and Vinorama. The bite was at random, sometimes early and often later in the morning, major issue with sea lions on other days. Average tuna was in the 15 to 30 lb., though the larger grade of fish was still lurking around the Gordo Banks, favorite choices for bait was sardina or squid strips.

Dorado were found in decent numbers, La Fortuna and Cardon were good spots, fish ranging to 20 lbs., a handful even larger, slowly trolling or drift fishing with sardina was a good bet, watch out for needlefish and skipjack...Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas



































Jeff and Donna visited us from Denver, Colorado, and had fantastic fishing aboard Andrea, catching 7 dorado at Cerro del Golden and Gaspareño spots...Pisces Sportfishing


We were staying with a friend closer to the San Lucas side so I decided to follow the advice of many on and give Jaime Gonzalez a call. We lucked out and he was available for us to fish with him for the next 5 or 6 days. Tuna were scarce offshore so he suggested we fish up the Pacific side for dorado and wahoo. Long story short, we had a blast fishing the shorelines for sierra, sea mounts for bottom fish, trolling jigs and bait for dorado and wahoo and he even hooked us up for an early evening trip for shallow-water pargo in the dark. It was all fantastic.

It was a slower than usual week on the billfish but the dorado counts remained high with an average of 3 to 4 per boat and all were nice quality fish in the 20+ pound ranges.

It was an interesting week of odd weather conditions that ranged from wet and windy during the early part of the week to mostly cloudy with lots of sunshine for the weekend. Air temps ranged from 54 nights to 85 daytime highs.

Sea temps ranged from 76 to 78 degrees from about 10 to 12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bank and southerly to Cabo Falso and on to Chileno. Palmilla Point to Las Frailes temps declined to 74 degrees. Surface breezes were varied by the day from light surface breezes to about 16 mph…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.