bulletRods: 8 to 11Wt. and 9' in length. Whatever rod you use, make sure that it has guides and reel seat that are designed to resist saltwater corrosion
bulletLine: Full fly line, (300 grain) shooting head system or intermediate line to match rod size.
bulletLeaders: Leaders should be fluorocarbon and approximately six foot and length with a bimini twist loop for a loop-to-loop connection. For the bigger fish  use a 18" fifty lb. fluorocarbon bite tippet unless you are fishing for records and then use only 12". Thirty-pound Dacron is the best choice for backing. Short wire shock tippet for sierra. I use 16 pound test and find that I seem to get more takes.
bulletReels: Direct or Anti-Reverse model with a disc drag system, Stronger and bigger is the choice here. Make sure the reel is designed for salt and has a drag system that can be adjusted to at least 10 pounds of drag and a minimum capacity of 175 yards of backing. That is for your 8-weight! For your larger outfits, be sure that you have increased line capacity: For the 10- to12-weight 300 yards.
bulletPolaroid Sunglasses,


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