Baja Wasabi

Hook   Gamakatsu SL11-3H 4/0



Flat waxed nylon thread

White Bucktail

Chartreuse Bucktail

Turquoise Bucktail

Gray Bucktail

White Bucktail

Pearl Saltwater Flashabou

Pearl Crystal Flash

Peacock Herl

¼-inch Molded Gold Eyes

Softex or 5-Minute Z-Poxy

All the bucktail material should come from the base of the bucktail in order to achieve the broad profile created by the hollow hair

Begin with Pearl Flashabou on shank of hook extended a hook link beyond bend of hook.

Tie in Chartreuse Bucktail over Flashabou.

With hook point up, tie white Bucktail to bottom of hook shank and extend material one hook length beyond the end of the hook.

Tie in small amount of Crystal Flash on top of chartreuse bucktail

On top of Crystal Flash, tie in turquoise bucktail with material extending one hook length beyond the end of the hook.

Add more Crystal Flash on top of the turquoise bucktail

Add small amount of gray bucktail

Add small amount of white bucktail

Top off with several strands of peacock herl

Use Pearl saltwater Flashabou for wing.

Attach ¼-inch Molded Silver Eyes and finish with Softex or 5-minute Z-Poxy.

            Fish this fly is for tuna that are traveling with porpoise or in feeding frenzy on the surface.  It seems to work best with either a shooting head system or an intermediate line. Use a two-handed retrieve, moving the fly through the water as fast as you can. If that retrieve style doesn’t produce a take, let the fly sink after the cast, varying the count until the depth of the fish is located. Begin with several long, abrupt pulls and then let the fly flutter back down a few feet and repeat the process.

An excellent fly for yellowfin tuna, dorado, skipjack.  It is a user-friendly pattern for beginners as well as experts because it works with a variety of retrieve styles.