East Cape Beaches and ATVs



There seems to be some confusion regarding beach access and the use of ATVs on the beaches in East Cape.  Recently, because of many complaints about misuse of the rental ATVs on East Cape beaches, the Mexican Government decided to enforce their law forbidding the use of all vehicles on the beach.

Profepa is the Government Agency responsible for the enforcement. In addition to a fine, anyone using an ATV or any vehicle may have the vehicle impounded.

Baja on the Fly was the first to offer Beach Trips using ATVs to access the East Cape beaches for fly-fishing. While we have discontinued the use of ATVs on the beach, we have not stopped fishing the beach. Most of the East Cape beaches may be reached using access roads that parallel the beaches.  ATVs are legal on those roads. Obviously, this means less time riding and more time fishing – which we suspect will be more productive.  However, all of us will miss the unique opportunity of cruising the beaches on an ATV. 

We believe that the law is the law and while we don’t like it, we will respect the Mexican Government’s wishes, just as we would with any state or federal law in the United States.

We would not want an incident with the Mexican Government to ruin your trip with us.

That being said, if you are looking for a unique opportunity to pursue the legendary roosterfish on an East Cape beach, let us know.   Baja on the Fly will always provide you with a fun, safe, legal trip with the best guides in Baja!


For additional information:  bajafly@bajafly.com

USA toll-free (800) 919-2252 or 760/746-7260; Mexico 011-52-624-14-10373