Purpose:  Ten tenths Menhaden, Mullet and Sardina imitation for Saltwater and large Freshwater fish.  Tied not only to be highly imitative, but also to be non-fouling and to swim perfectly, even at very high speeds or in very swift currents. 

Area and species focus:  Baja California, The Atlantic Northeast, Eastern Seaboard and Florida.  Originally designed and extremely successful for Roosterfish, this fly has taken Snook, Tarpon, Snapper, Jacks, Stripers, Bass, Pike and in smaller sizes, big trout.

Tail:  Cream Yak and white Bucktail tied radially around the hook with 1/16-1/8’ pearl flashabou.  Blacken last ˝ inch of tail with permanent marker to imitate baitfish tail borders.

Inner Wing:  Pink and Light Blue bucktail with Chartreuse Fishair accents. 

Outer Wing:  Olive and Brown Yak with Peacock Jack’s secret stuff flash on top.  Peacock Angel Hair will also suffice.  Tie in the wing with great consideration of the taper of the overall teardrop shape.   Let the yak taper very smoothly into the front collar of fox.  Attention to this symmetry will make or break this fly when it comes to Roosters.  

Collar:  Brown and White Arctic Fox tied fully around the hook in a very symmetrical fashion which allows the fly to swim perfectly at even very high speeds.  This collar of fox is tied into the fly in conventional deceiver fashion until the final application.  The final collar of fox is tied with the butts facing backwards and the tips  forward in the final application.  Once affixed, just barely tying the fibers back a bit with the tying thread will give the fly its proper silhouette.  Marking the fly with Gray, Brown or Olive bars will add contrast and detail as well.