Blue Water Tips


Make sure your gear is rigged and read when you board the boat.

bulletUse a two handed retrieve when stripping your line in, and do not strike fish with rod tip.
bulletMake sure you sharpen your hooks frequently.
bulletMake sure you fly approximates the length of the bait the fish are feeding on.
bulletAlways watch your fly all the way to the end of your retrieve, many times a fish will follow the fly until it is removed from the water without striking.
bulletWhen you see this occur, quickly execute a short roll cast to put the fly back in play. Try different retrieve styles.
bulletAnother trick to remember is when the mate is chumming to cast as far as you can and let your fly sink until you see fish boiling on the chummed bait, then retrieve the fly back as fast as you can. 
bulletDo not use leaders longer than 6 ft. 
bulletRemember to change backing frequently.

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