Bluewater Tackle

Rods   Offshore for larger dorado, tuna, and wahoo use the 12 wt. For billfish and tuna bring the 14 wt. Regardless of the size the rod, it should be designed specifically for saltwater use. I also recommend three or four piece rods because of travel considerations.

Reels   Reels   Choose a reel that approximates the rod wt. (Not all manufactures designate sizes to match the rod wt.) Use only reels that will hold 200 to 250 yards of 20 lb. backing on the beach and inshore. Bluewater reels should hold a minimum of 400 yards of 30 lb. backing. All reels should have a disk drag system and be designed for saltwater use. Extra spools are a good way to have different systems stored and ready for use.

Lines, Leaders and Backing   Lines, Leaders and Backing   Full fly lines such as Teeny, Orvis Depth Charge etc., or a Shooting heads system, should be your choice for Baja. These lines work well in bluewater.  For backing use a high visibility dacron line in 30 lb. test. Remember in Baja your backing will be used frequently. Make sure it is not old and weak! Tapered leaders are not necessary. Use a good quality monofilament or fluorocarbon leader material. Be sure to bring shock tippet in 40, 60, 80 lb. and wire for the toothy ones

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