Beach Tips

bulletMake sure your gear is rigged and ready when you go to the beach to fish. Invariably you will find yourself trying to get your rod out of the rod tube and rigged while looking a boiling fish.
bulletUse a two handed retrieve when stripping your line in, try not to strike fish with rod tip. Use strip strike method.
bulletAlways crimp the barbs down on your hooks.
bulletMake sure you sharpen your hooks frequently.
bulletAlways watch your fly all the way to the end of your retrieve, many times a fish will follow the fly until it is removed from the water without striking. When you see this occur, quickly execute a short roll cast to put the fly back in play. Try a change in retrieve style.
bulletUse leaders at least 6 ft long.
bulletWhen not fishing, hook fly on stripping guide and loop leader around reel in order to be ready to cast in a hurry.
bulletClean your tackle with fresh water at the end of each day.


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